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Welcome to Sanctuary City! Feds, Pay Up

Sanctuary cities are easy to declare but harder to pay for. Take New York City. It has long attracted immigrants, both legal and illegal. But the latest wave to hit—and, perhaps, overwhelm—the Big Apple comes thanks to President Joe Biden’s dismantling of border controls and disregard of immigration law.

Most recently, Biden has abused his parole authority. The Immigration and Nationality Act expressly limits using this power to deal with individual cases. Yet Biden is applying it to entire nationalities, allowing tens of thousands of immigrants a month into the country without visas, vetting or voter approval.

Several states have sued, arguing that the parole “pathways” policy unconstitutionally usurps congressional authority over immigration matters. They have a strong case, but like similar cases, it could drag on for years.

Meanwhile, Biden’s catch-and-release border policies are sending thousands of needy immigrants to cities across the nation, mostly flown or bused by nonprofits using your tax dollars. Like everyone else, these people want jobs, housing, schools and health care. They go where they think they can get it. For many, that’s the Big Apple.

New York has a bigger population than many countries, but it is still struggling to house, feed and provide services to 40,000 (and coming) Biden parolees. Mayor Eric Adams recently tweeted: “This is a national crisis.” His solution? “The federal government should pick up the entire cost…” Naturally.

Adams has tried in vain to keep up with the flow. First, he filled up the city homeless shelters. Next, he booked 70 small hotels, built a tent city, considered leasing a cruise ship, commandeered the luxury Row, Stewart, Wolcott, Watson and Paramount hotels and, most recently, planned to use the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. All this is to house foreign nationals who have no legal basis to enter or remain in the U.S. other than Biden’s flimsy executive say-so and the unenforceable promise of an asylum claim.

Manhattan’s theaters and museums pulled in more than 8 million foreign and nearly 50 million domestic tourists in 2022, a significant rebound from 2021’s COVID-19 travel and event restrictions. Nonetheless, Adams is commandeering businesses that pay city taxes and turning them into revenue-sapping public shelters. Judging from the look of some of the rooms after they’ve housed the immigrants, the city will be billed for some refurbishment costs too.

Like his fellow mayors in Chicago and Washington, D.C., Adams has been demanding federal funds to pay for New York’s generosity. So far, he says he needs $2 billion. Giving migrants hotel rooms, three meals a day, health care, education and legal aid doesn’t come cheap.

New Yorkers must wonder why supposedly desperate “refugees” from oppressive regimes and collapsed economies are partying, getting into fights and throwing away free food. Citizens having trouble making rent might not understand why migrants put up in $500-a-night hotels would still complain.

There are other costs too. On Jan. 9, four men from Venezuela were arrested for stealing goods worth more than $12,000 from a Long Island Macy’s. Four Colombians were arrested for a string of home robberies nearby. According to police, all eight men “had within the past year entered the country at the border as asylum seekers.” Police think they are part of an organized criminal group, which didn’t prevent them from being processed into the U.S.A. with no proof of identity and no credible background check.

U.S. border authorities have no way of knowing if these men have criminal histories back home. The Maduro regime is not friendly to the United States and won’t share their records with us. Unless the four Venezuelan thieves had committed previous crimes in the U.S., their fingerprints, (alleged) names and photographs would have raised no red flags in our systems. “Progressive” New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg may well opt not to charge them. But even if they are convicted, they will be back onto American streets after serving their sentences; Biden has given up on trying to send back even criminals to Venezuela.

Though it’s New York City today, it’ll be Smalltown, USA, tomorrow. This week, Reps. Claudia Tenney and Elise Stefanik, both R-N.Y., complained to the president about “the secrecy with which your administration has and continues to carry out … national relocation operations.” They were referring not just to secret night flights that dropped off immigrants at smaller airports last summer, but more recently to a group of Columbians who went from El Paso, Texas, to Jamestown in upstate New York. According to a local news outlet, many more are on the way.

Biden’s rampant abuse of parole and disdain for the asylum process has costs, which must be borne by someone. This price is becoming apparent even to the most liberal big-city mayors.

Rather than asking for federal money to bail them out for free city services, local politicians of both parties should instead end their sanctuary policies and insist that Biden take easy and legal steps to secure the border and prevent illegal immigration. That would include ending his made-up new parole “lawful pathways” into the country.

This piece originally appeared in ArcaMax

Reprinted with Permission from - The Heritage Foundation by – Simon Hankinson

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3 months ago

What is the point of immigration laws if the President of the United States can thumb his nose at them and doesn’t have to follow them with no consequences. He should be brought up on charges and arrested just like any other person. So what is the point of having laws if the President doesn’t have to follow them. Under these Democrats, our country is becoming more corrupt by the minute. We need to take back our country from these treasonous Democrats.

3 months ago

What else can you expect when Venezuela and other countries are cleaning out there jails!

Sean Richman
3 months ago

I live in a sanctuary state,a once good state,long ago a good state.Since chitcago took control we have become a third world state with very corrupt politicians.The state is Illinois and unless we downstaters divest our state from the northeastern part of our state,our state will not outlive the bureaucrats and their get rich schemes,for them and them only.

3 months ago

Perhaps Biden would understand the entire situation if he moved into the hotel and lived among the illegals for a month. No secret service would be needed since these folks are “friendlies”. And since he does little in the decision making area the oval office would continue on without him.

Dennis Math
3 months ago

I dont hear the media mention a word about potential terrorists that are now not only allowed to just sashay into the country but to then be monetarily rewarded for invading our country.
America has lost its way. I believe the country is lost and to save it would require actions that are uncomfortable to consider but “doable” if we just would. The problem really lay in that the problem never should have arisen. Droolin’ Joe just……opened the floodgates and now WE are now South America, Africa, Asia…………..hungry mouths, no skills, no education, God knows what diseases.
Move over Rome……..we are the new fallen empire!

3 months ago

The costs of illegals is massive and Joe and Democrats don’t seem to care!! The problem is that Joe doesn’t have any money to pay for these people’s expenditures, the only money he has is our tax dollars and that’s why I am so angry with Democrats for allowing the open borders without any concern for our country!!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Jackie

Make sure you vote Republican all the way. Close the border.

3 months ago

All illegal cost should be paid for by the biden administration. No tax payor money as the socialist in Washington want to change the face of our country.

Jim McDowell
3 months ago

Step 1. Get rid of the Biden Crime Syndicate. I don’t care how: 25th Amendment, impeachment and removal, again I don’t care how.Step 2. Close the border to all except international commerce. Step 3. Return this nation to fiscal solvency. I don’t care how it’s done: cut entitlements, increase taxes, again I don’t care how. It must be done.Step 4. Enact term limits for U.S. government, not local, politicians.Step 5. Revise federal employment standards to allow elected officials to get rid of incompetent or corrupt unelected bureaucrats.Step 6. Make public teacher’s unions illegal. Abolish them.Step 7. Cut all government funding for universities that hire “Diversity and Equity” administrators.

3 months ago

Sanctuary cities and their disgusting lib-jerks can’t handle it then they should do something about themselves……. It’s not up to us taxpayers to bail them out.

3 months ago

Why not put the burden where it belongs in the pocketbooks of the one allowing this to take place (Biden, etc.)????

Michael Seltzer
3 months ago

So how do we stop this madness? I don’t want that mess in my backyard!!!

3 months ago

Don’t vote DEM!!!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Unfortunately we don’t have elections in this country anymore, we have selections

3 months ago

They were flying them out of Twentynine Palms Marine Base, at night !!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Army

Shame on the Marine Corp.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ryan

Shame on the traitorous perverse effeminate Biden appointees to top brass.

Fred Orestuk
3 months ago

Do you see and understand what is happening to San Francisco, Philadelphia, East St Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. exactly the same will happen to NYC. The inmates have taken over the prisons. Nothing left but to vote with your feet. Will eventually destroy America.

3 months ago
Reply to  Fred Orestuk

NYC is corrupt to the core.

David Millikan
3 months ago

ZERO Federal money for Sanctuary cities or States.
They wanted ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST INVASION and they can KEEP THEM and PAY for them with THEIR State Taxes.
They should have abided by the U.S. Constitution and National Security Act in which they HAVE BROKEN THE LAW.
Therefore, ZERO Federal money.

3 months ago

I predict that King Biden will just use his magic pen and sign more executive orders increasing our taxes to pay for all his immigrant friends. Welcome to the United State of Venezuela.

3 months ago
Reply to  Laura

That’s what happens when the court jester is appointed king.

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