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Tone Deaf Democrats Propose Pay Raise for Federal Workers as Economy Implodes Around Them

Some Democrats want to give federal workers an 8.7%  pay raise. Make no mistake—we want everyone to do well, but it appears we have a government that is picking those who will suffer under the Democrats’ historic inflation and those who will not. Federal workers received a 4.6% raise from President Biden for 2023. If passed, this legislation would provide the additional raise in 2024.

That’s awfully nice of them considering Democratic policy caused the inflation that has crushed real wages of ordinary Americans. But for Democrats, the only people that matter are the people in the government bureaucracy. With so many of our social and economic problems the result of government being disconnected from the public at large, this effort to entrench unfairness should be expected.

Ordinary Americans have been suffering for generations with politicians more enamored with their Washington DC playground than with their constituents. Now, courtesy of Washington’s general lack of self-awareness, every day we get a reminder, or two, or a hundred, of their disconnection from Americans and the nation itself.

This latest confession of not-giving-a-damn about ordinary Americans arrives courtesy of Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and their “Federal Adjustment of Income Rates,” legislation allowing the 8.7% pay raise for 2 million federal workers. Americans who are not part of the permanent bureaucracy will have to continue to suffer under the worst inflation in 40 years. To single out federal workers for relief as everyone else suffers confirms the growing American unease that the federal government has lost touch with everything that matters.

But don’t fret, we are told there are special reasons why this pay raise is needed for federal workers. According to Connelly, “For years now, federal employees have risked their health and safety working on the front lines of this pandemic. They were subjected to the Trump administration’s cruel personal attacks, unsafe work environments, pay freezes, government shutdowns, sequestration cuts, furloughs and mindless across-the-board hiring freezes,” reported Fox News.

Oh, so it’s to soothe the emotional injuries caused by… Trump. Well, okey-dokey then. With that, Connelly’s rant confirms that what the Democrats are doing to the country has always been about revenge for Trump. Not only do they continue to persecute him, they are punishing Americans writ large for daring to think for ourselves and rejecting the swamp in 2016. That’s what the border crisis in particular is all about. Border security was Trump’s signature issue and historic success and now border security and the border itself is obliterated. Attempting to prove Trump wrong on his economic success would also explain the Democrats’ inexplicable and dangerous spending obsession.

Also raising eyebrows is the claim the raise is required because federal workers suffered on the “front line” during COVID. Perhaps those involved in healthcare, but the GAO confirms what we already knew—all federal agencies relied heavily on “telework,” some comprising as much as 80% of total work time.

We all remember those on the front lines of COVID—the cashiers and workers at supermarkets. Those working at pharmacies. First responders, firefighters, police officers, and EMTs, among so many other ordinary Americans doing their jobs every day no matter what. But they too suffer because of a self-absorbed permanent Washington bureaucracy, and policies which eat away at our pocket book, quality of life, and even hope for a decent future for our families.

Keep in mind, ordinary Americans have had over $4000 a year disappear from their buying power as real wages are crushed by Biden’s monster inflation. The Heritage Foundation reported in the Fall of 2022: “New economic numbers show that the average American has lost the equivalent of $4,200 in annual income under the Biden administration because of inflation and higher interest rates… Consumer prices have risen 12.7% since January 2021, significantly faster than wages, so that the average American worker has lost $3,000 in annual purchasing power… The higher interest rates and borrowing costs have effectively reduced the average American’s purchasing power another $1,200 on an annualized basis.”

Moreover, Heritage’s E.J. Antoni warns, “Simply put, working Americans are $4,200 poorer today than when Biden took office. This financial catastrophe for American families is the direct result of a president and Congress addicted to spending our money, combined with a Federal Reserve compliantly enabling this addiction by printing more dollars. Washington recklessly spent trillions of dollars it did not have and paid for it with newly printed money, causing rampant inflation that has destroyed people’s purchasing power and jeopardized Americans’ financial futures.”

Joe Biden’s campaign for the presidency was premised on getting us back to “normalcy.” For them, it appears ‘normal’ is destroying the economy, facilitating an explosion of crime, a dissolved southern border, and a bumbling foreign policy leading us into more chaos and war.

We have a choice about whether or not we accept this warped and cancerous ‘normal’ or if we will once again reject their incompetence. In 2024, which will be here faster than you think, we will have another chance to kick these vandals to the curb.

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The G Girl
3 months ago

They do not need pay raises at this time. If we all need to tighten our belts, so do they. Unfortunately, our government is being run by inept people. Many of these people were put in their positions for the wrong reasons. The new catch phrases are “diversity, equity, and inclusivity”. This isn’t kindergarten!! How about hiring based on “proficiency, competency, and qualifications” for these positions? I would not have hired most of these people, let alone giving them pay raises. Most of us would not run our own businesses or households like this. Elections have consequences. We all need to be wiser in our elections next time around. It is not a republican or democratic thing, it is a “let’s hire the right people to do the job”. That means people who are qualified by their own judgement and standards, not by a one-size-fits-all brain thought.

Kacy Michael
3 months ago

What is an Outrage to Me is “Where” Do these Idiots Get Off VOTING themselves a RAISE when its Our Tax Dollars that are going to be Ribbed from Us and Given to THEM ?

These DARK SOULS are Just the Opposite of ” Robin Hood ” They Rob from the POOR and Give to the RICH ..

Another Thing “WHY” AREN’T “WE” the People Given a Ballot to VOTE whether or NOT these
FREAKS Deserve a Raise, WHY because They KNOW They’d “NEVER” Get It because they Truly are

College Educated Idiots, Born believing that their BETTER than the Average AMERICANS, those that
Truly Know the Meaning of Word “WORK” .. They live lives of Kings and Queens at Out Expense, that is What the Public School System is All about, to TURN OUT Worker BEES (YOU & I) ..

We Pay our Taxes to these Thieves and They Laugh About it all the Way to their BANK, They Operate from PASSIVE INCOMES which is Where They Don’t PAY ANY TAXES, They LIVE OFF of OUR INCOMES, Everything that they DO or BUY, WE the PEOPLE PAY for It like The LOSERS that they
SEE US As ..

Here’s a Prime Example and Proof of WHAT I SAY .. Remember the Story of NANCY REAGAN, when She had to RETURN a ” HUNDRED THOUSAND ” Dress that She BOUGHT at the Expense of the
American Tax Payers ? True Story ir REALLY did Happen and the Reason SHE had to Return it was that She Bragged About it to “WRONG” Person and that Ended that “WHIM” of hers ..

Her Bragging Fell into the Wrong Circle of People and She HAD to GIVE IT BACK, “BUT” if She would of Kept her MOUTH SHUT She could of Kept it and No One would Know a Damned Thing about it ..

Remember OBAMA’S Daughters taking a Exotic Vacation and “We the Tax Payers / LOSERS in Their Eyes PAID for Every Dime of it ,, OBAMA Bought a Park , You Guessed it “WE PAID for It, What about his Private Lear Jet ? ?

THEY “VOTE” themselves RAISES because They KNOW that They Can and Know that the American
People WON’T SAY ANYTHING to STOP THEM, So WHY NOT “DO IT AGAIN” after What the 5th Time

” WE THE PEOPLE ” Won’t BAN Together, Won’t “SPEAK UP”, Don’t Challenge their Authority out of
FEAR of REPRISAL .. We are NOT of the Same Caliber of OUR 4 FATHERS, they DIED FIGHTING
such PEOPLE as These Currently in Office and in the Shadows of these that Call themselves
Respectable and Honorable Men and Women “Oh BS” ..

They are Thugs and Thieves, they are NO BETTER than “AL CAPONE ” “BUGSY MALONE ”
“JOHN DILLAGER ” ” BONNIE & CLYDE ” the Only difference between them is Their More Methodical
Devious and in BED with the Worst of the Those of the Human Race ..

They Know Their Untouchable because NO ONE will Challenge Them, There is No One that will Stand up to them Like ” George S Patton ” or “Elliot Ness ” ..

No More Triumphant “HERO’S” that Breed has Died away with “John Wayne ” ” Henry Fonda ”
“Chuck Norris” ” Steven Seagal ” and many others .. Today’s Generation is Brainwashed, Docile,
and easy to Manipulate to Believe in All the Smoke and Mirrors that comes across as Media,
Hollywood, and Entertainment ..

Were Living to See with our Own Eyes this ” LOST GENERATION ” due to being Uninvolved, Apathetic,
Non-caring, Detached, Distracted with all that GLITTERS to Ones life from What is TRULY REAL and
Lacking Mentorship in Leadership and Denying those that follow Suit in Seeking ” The Meaning and Purpose to this Thing called LIFE ..

Were Disappearing and Vanishing as If WE NEVER EXISTED …

3 months ago

Tone Deaf Tammy Bruce refuses to heed her supports feelings about being constantly censored on her Locals page. Posts from FOX and PJMedia were taken down by her two old nerdy grandma’s running the page simply because Tammy has said “MTG is my cup of tea.”. Tammy Bruce is a FRAUD.

3 months ago

That is because “Dumb and Dumber” are running the country.

3 months ago

Too Funny. Next year is election year. The Dems/Marxist are simply ensuring SEIU members have enough free cash to contribute to D/M candidates via the SEIU PAC.

3 months ago

The rest of the country doesn’t get a raise niether do they.We the people cannot afford to pay them .

Edward A Allen
3 months ago

So, Federal workers get an 8.7% raise. Military gets 4.6%. Average Joe will most likely get between 2 & 3%.

Federal workers were NOT on the front line. They were, also, NOT laid off like many of the average Joes, but kept their jobs and their pay.

It used to be that the advantage of being a government employee was that you had a more stable job, but lower pay. If you worked in the private sector you had greater opportunity to get a raise, but also a greater chance to get laid off or fired.

Now the government employee has the best of both worlds. Better pay and better security.

Something is wrong with this picture.

3 months ago

I have to agree with Michael, until the American people stand up and take a stand on what we will tolerate, we get what we deserve. Too many believe that all they have to do is vote, then sit back and pay little attention to what the person they voted for is doing. That worked in the 40’s, 50 and early 60’s when our representatives had integrity and knew what honesty meant. NO MORE. Now Washington is a place to “feather their retirement nest”, vote against policies that promote the Constitution of the United States (if they even know what it says), pander to the foreign nations that pay the highest bid. Come on guys, we are losing America, if that’s your aim, you’re doing a good job. It that is not what we want then for freedoms sake, get to know the person you voted for…call, write, text or email them while you still can.

Bob Charles
3 months ago

The Politicians in Washington DO NOT WORK FOR AMERICA ANYMORE ! GET IT !
With an Ominous Balloon China is now Mapping their Conquest in a NO WAR Total Takeover of 4 Countries in this World. This last piece of the China Takeover began with Covid 19 designed to Weaken the Fabric of Freedom and Decency going from Covid 19 to take down the Population in Numbers to instill FEAR through Lock Downs, Masks, 6Ft Distances, and Curfews. Then the Obvious installation of a President that LIES and LIES and LIES about how Great he’s done to give Americans what is needed to Live. A) The President is Not again IS NOT running this Country B) All Monies from our Reserves is being Funneled to other Countries and being Emptied a Trillion at a Time so Inflation will make Americans BEG YES BEG for help in being able to survive, in the Planning of a “ONE WORLD ORDER”… Why do you think there was a Meeting of the Presidents from Canada, Mexico, and America. South America, Central America, and North America will unite soon to be Under One Regime and One Name ( Not America ) which is in the One World Order Plan and we just watched this all Unfold right in front of our Eyes. All of YOU yep YOU people that just sit on your hands and Agree to anything the Media shoves down your Throat while the America I grew up in is falling to the Way Side to bring in the World Order, Total Dependence on The Government, and Mass Slavery under the Chinese Flag. I’m not Sorry I LOVE AMERICA, I shook the Hand of President Eisenhower, and did many things that people don’t have the chance in Life to do like believing in Freedom, Love of America, and GOD and God in this Country is being thrown under the Bus Daily by the Satanists, Socialists, and Communists in Washington D.C.

3 months ago

It’s NOT NEW, it has been Happening for DECADES, at least 5 Times since I have been ALIVE ..
But YOU WHAT ..,

WE Deserve to be SCREWED because “NO AMERICANS” Have EVER “STOOD UP” and SAID a
Damned Thing about THEM ” GIVING ” themselves RAISES .. If the AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T
Say Anything about this Corruption, These MAFIA TYPES will KEEP on TAKING and TAKING because
NO ONE IS ” SAYING ” ANYTHING, So oit Must be OKAY with the American People ??

PEOPLE ITS TIME TO ” RAISE A STINK ” about this Ongoing Corruption (Government) They are ALL in
On it (Congress / Reps / Senate / All) and it Damned Well Needs to STOP .. They are already “LIVING”
on “PASSIVE ” Income Meaning that THEY DON’T PAY ANY ” TAXES ” and the Only Time that They touch their Own Incomes is When they WANT to INVEST into Something but other than that ” THEY ”




Speak Your Mind / Freedom of Speech / National Broadcast TV & Radio

Remember its Not Politicians Running the Country, NO it’s Organized Crime Units and Mafia that Runs

But WE Still have a “VOICE” in this NATION, Use it While You Still have FREEDOM of SPEECH ..
Perhaps the RIGHT PEOPLKE will be LISTENING ..

3 months ago

Tell it Tammy Bruce!

3 months ago

Nothing new here. govt has been giving themselves “large” raises regardless of economic conditions for decades. Why not when they can raise the price(taxes) of their product(govt) regardless of whether their customers(taxpayers) like it or not.

Clark Kent
3 months ago
Reply to  edward

What ‘product’ do they produce (besides road apples)?

3 months ago

Where is the raise for the hard working middle class?

3 months ago
Reply to  TAV

” SHUT UP and PAY ME My TAXES, SO I can take an $1000.000.Dollar Vacation and Thank You later
Wage Slave ..

3 months ago

Government jobs pay should be inversely linked to the inflation rate; inflation up 12.4%, their pay down 12.4%. Make them do their job by “incentive”. Or better yet, the per capita amount of national debt is deducted from their annual pay / benefits / retirement—currently the debt is at over $94,000 per capita; incentive to reduce the debt not increase it. And less over-taxation giving money indirectly to the Dark Money Political Machine through grants, stimuli, and bogus budgets.

3 months ago

What is total dollar cost estimate of 8.7% raise for 2-million Fed workers ? And what will Congress cut in order to balance budget & pay for this? Writer of this article did give this number.

grin n bear it
3 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Simple! Raise your TAXES!!

3 months ago

Every time I walk outside in my area I just get reminded all over again at how angry I am with the democrats policies about everything. Homeless everywhere with all their garbage scattered about. Crime out there to the point that I have never before felt this unsafe in my life. Those are the two biggies to me. Toss in massive inflation and I guess the democrats have hit the trifecta with me. Tone deaf democrats indeed, and you can toss in dumb and stupid too.

Clark Kent
3 months ago
Reply to  Sammy

Arm up and carry on.

Wendy Hampton
3 months ago

And why hasn’t this President been removed from office??

Clark Kent
3 months ago
Reply to  Wendy Hampton

Because the Senate is under control of the Dumbocrats.

The Ugly Truth
3 months ago

Long ago working for the gov’t was considered “low pay” work. Nowadays and for a long time it has been the most lucrative “job” for middle income class and blue color people could get. People stand in line to get on gov’t jobs now. Retire in 20 and the perks are the BEST of any employment possible. Best of all, you can only be fired if you pull down your pants and crap on the bosses desk.

3 months ago

all liars

Robert Zuccaro
3 months ago

Two of the most lucrative jobs in America: federal workers and strippers. Make it rain, Brandon!

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