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Thwarting China on 5G Is Greatest Untold Success Story of the Trump Administration

AMAC Exclusive by Joshua Charles


One of the greatest success stories of the Trump administration is one you have likely never heard. It’s the story of how a former business leader turned Under Secretary of State helped prevent what many had assumed was a fait accompli: the domination of the worldwide rollout of cellular 5G wireless by Communist China.

5G represents a quantum leap forward over the current generation of cellular technology—in some cases up to ten times faster.

The implications of this transformation are far-reaching, because whatever country dominates 5G will likely dominate a host of other technologies that will depend on it—technologies like autonomous vehicles, AI, quantum computing, and many others.

In early 2019, the situation was grim for the United States and the western allies. Chinese companies like Huawei were preparing to roll out 5G networks around the world. Like many Chinese companies, Huawei is essentially a corporate arm of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and is subject to its National Intelligence Law, which means the government can demand Huawei hand over any data it has at any time. That means that the CCP could potentially access the personal, private, and sensitive data of people, companies, and governments around the world just like it does with its own citizens. In China, Huawei’s technology has become the backbone of the CCP’s surveillance state and “social credit system.” If they built the world’s 5G networks, they’d essentially be extending that surveillance state around the world. And yet, since the CCP was heavily subsidizing Huawei, the Chinese technology giant was able to outbid most of the competition. That’s to say nothing of the CCP’s theft of US technology and know-how. For decades, they had been using our openness against us, while restricting our access to their markets.

But then President Trump signed an executive order to crack down on Huawei equipment, empowering the federal government to block American companies from purchasing foreign made telecommunications equipment deemed to be a national security risk. In addition, President Trump nominated Keith Krach to be Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment to help carry out his policy of standing up to China. Secretary of State Pompeo gave Krach the specific charge “to develop and operationalize a global economic security strategy that drives economic growth, maximizes national security, and combats Chinese economic aggression.” Krach was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in the summer of 2019.

From his days as a Silicon Valley CEO Krach had learned that market leadership isn’t determined by size, but by momentum. For Krach it was clear that if the United States was going to successfully confront “China, Inc.,” then he and his team would need to immediately design a plan to reverse Huawei’s momentum. They feared that if China, Inc. was allowed to deploy 5G globally, what Krach called the “Great One-Way China Firewall” would be extended around the world: the digital “wall” that allows CCP influence, propaganda, and coercion to go out, but keeps the truth from ever coming back into China. So Krach and his team set out to stop Huawei and establish what they called a 5G “beachhead” that would provide a base for competing against China, Inc. across all economic sectors.

They did so by focusing on the key issue they had identified: trust. They realized it was difficult for many countries to stand up to China, Inc. because China would retaliate and make it painful. But Krach knew that there’s power in numbers, and when you stand up to a bully with a group, the bully tends to back down. The alliance that Krach helped coalesce to combat the China, Inc. bully became known as the Clean Network. Every member committed to a set of digital trust standards, and trust principles like integrity, accountability, transparency, reciprocity, and respect for the rule of law—the exact things Huawei and China, Inc. lacked. In 5G, that meant using equipment provided by trusted providers whose data could not be compromised by malign actors like the CCP.

The Clean Network was announced on May 15, 2020. Along with the Treasury and Commerce Departments, Krach announced steps the US government was taking to prevent Huawei from obtaining the advanced American technology they needed to build their 5G equipment. He also announced the biggest onshoring in U.S. history: Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC would be building its newest manufacturing plant in Arizona. This meant that a sizable portion of the most advanced computer chips that were so important to building 5G and other future technologies would be built in the US rather than 100 miles off the coast of Communist China. Finally, he announced the implementation of the “Clean Path,” a new State Department policy that prohibited any communications coming into or out of any US diplomatic facilities from touching Huawei equipment. The entire line had to be “clean.” This immediately provided an economic incentive for telecom companies around the world to reevaluate their initial love affair with Huawei, and include non-Huawei suppliers in their 5G infrastructure.

That was just the start. From there, Krach and his team began a lightning-fast marketing campaign for the Clean Network. Nothing less was at stake than the future of freedom vs. authoritarianism, they said. They also knew that people around the world were concerned about the security of their data and most sensitive information. So Krach and his team asked them, “Who do you trust?” They already knew the answer.

At the same time, Krach amplified the moral high ground of democratic values, calling out the CCP’s bullying abroad, and their repressive conduct at home. He was one of the first Trump administration officials to explicitly call China’s actions against the Uighur Muslims “genocide.”  His Clean Team constantly emphasized that Huawei was simply an extension of the CCP, and so long as they were pawns of the Chinese government, they could not be trusted.

At first the Clean Network expanded slowly, but then faster and faster. Around the world, countries and telecom companies were signing up for the Clean Network’s value proposition based on a set of clear trust principles. Huawei began losing contracts left and right.

By Krach’s last day at the State Department, the Clean Network included 60 countries that account for two thirds of the world’s GDP, 200+ telecoms, and multiple high-tech companies like Oracle. The tide had turned against Huawei and China, Inc. And perhaps more importantly, Krach and his team had pioneered a new model of economic warcraft that could be used and adapted for competing against China across all economic sectors.

In early 2020, the world was resigned to a CCP-backed company dominating 5G technology. President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, the Clean Network, and Keith Krach changed all of that, and delivered one of the greatest untold success stories in the fight against China, Inc.

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Sandee Hackett
1 year ago

I don’t see an option for sharing on social media. This is a great story and the best way of sharing it is Facebook or Rumble.

Carol Murphy
1 year ago

Wow! I did not know all this. Of course it would not be in the news since it was Trumped backed. They did a super job getting that done. Proud of the people who got this done!

Janet Finerfrock
1 year ago

Hello AMAC,Did this really work?I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G from AT

Mike M
1 year ago

Thank God Almighty!

Ray C
1 year ago

This is a wonderful advanced technology, but I wonder the impact that the radiation coming from these 5G antennas will have on the health and well being. Can the technology be implemented safely so that it can minimize its impact on humans, animals and the environment?

1 year ago

This story was actually reported in a few U.S. newspapers in 2019 and by about half of the global news outlets. Obviously the mainstream media in the United States refused to report this news, as it was another positive result for President Trump. It was one of the driving forces that got a number of our allies, like Australia and Japan, on board with the effort to blunt China’s expansion into this important sector of the technology space. A very good call by President Trump, in that he anticipated what the CCP had planned out for eventual control and domination of 5G.

Now lets see if the other nations that make up this partnership can hold it all together in the face of the Biden administration already actively working to undo this accomplishment of President Trump and his administration as well.

1 year ago

President Trump did a lot of good things which the fake news doesn’t seem to want to make Americans aware of so sad…..

1 year ago
Reply to  Kelly

Yep. Anyone who is not a diseased-in-their-thinking or ignorant-of-current-political-events knows the media, with a couple of exceptions coming to mind (Fox News and Many Talk-Radio broadcasters), knows the rest of news sources in the US (newspapers, TV news, etc) are tied like an umbilical cord to the DemocRat propaganda. And it is so obvious, you would think a larger fraction of the adult US citizenry would be concerned if not alarmed by this situation.

Roger O
1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

So many just blindly follow the demorats!

1 year ago

How is this working out in 2021 & how are the Cyberattacks getting around the clean network 5G put forth by Krach. Have they stopped China domination or just slowed them down?

1 year ago
Reply to  JohnH

Such a shame you have no idea what you’re talking about. Your mixing apples and oranges.

Rhonda M Holub
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Seems a shame that our representatives in the 5G arena are routinely in this same predicament, they don’t understand the technology and rarely know what they are talking about. Don’t we all wonder, so how long can a government run on systems they don’t fully understand? Welcome to the nightmare, it appears to have just began!

Joey Mize
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul, your comments above are right on target. and this response is as well. It is so difficult to assimilate the vast sea of technology today. It changes so quickly as well all know. Thank You for the insight.

1 year ago

 Chinese control of 5G networks would essentially provide the CCP military with a kill switch over mobile Internet and data services.
Thank you President Trump for stopping the Enemy (CCP) from domination of the worldwide rollout of cellular 5G wireless.
Biden & the democrats have a soft spot for China, hopefully they don’t give in to the CCP

1 year ago
Reply to  Chris

tried to up vote you, but unable

1 year ago

Can the good that President Trump did with 5G be undone by traitor Joe? He’s destroyed everything else President Trump established. Joe would be funny if he wasn’t so dangerous.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chuck

Yes, the Biden administration is already working on allowing China to get their products included in the existing network and any future network upgrades.

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

Another reason NOT to do business was with China!!

Terrence Tuthill
1 year ago

Great piece on a very important and critical topic. Now, has Biden’ actions and State Dept. turned the Clean Network strategy around and countered this initiative against China….this is a key. Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline which resulted in thousands of lost jobs and has greatly and negatively impacted the Cruise Line industry in Alaska…a not well known other consequence of Biden’s EO on the pipeline. So, please let me know this critical piece…has Biden also done another cave in to the Chinese in line with his son’s current relationships with the CCP????

Joey Mize
1 year ago

Key Point Dear Friend Terrence… I’ll add to it. The Keystone PIPLINE was in the bulls eye of the CCP from day one. They did not want it. THEY DID NOT WANT IT..??? because it had global implications and allowed the US to have an additional source of oil transport inside our borders which would obviously give us more clout and control as we need against them, but even more importantly the pipeline would have firmed up the Canada US relationship and put China on the back burner with Canada. Now that Biden has killed the deal and will not talk about it he has capitulated once again to the whims and desires of the CCP, They are in control my friend. and have been for a good while. Next horrible point……… all along the Western edge of Canada out near and touching Alaska the Chinese at Canada’s preference, have installed hundreds of oil rigs, taking the BLACK GOLD from under the Alaskan plateau, where we once were getting our oil for the Alaskan Pipeline, which is about to run dry by the way. The Chinese have ben there on the West Slope for many years doing business with Canada in a most silent and unseen process. The world news and leaders have over looked this intrusion into the North American Trade zone. I wonder just what else the Chinese have managed to infiltrate into the area up there that has never been vetted.

1 year ago

I really am so glad I am a member of AMAC as I am informed of matters such as the one mentioned in this article. Keep up the great job AMAC. I tell all my friends about AMAC vs AARP which seems to promote liberals ideas etc.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mandy

“…SEEMS to promote liberals ideas etc.”??? They absolutely promote those ideas/ideals. We have the Obama Doesn’t Care Act because of AAARP, who claimed to speak for all Americans over the age of 50. That is when I decided their discounts weren’t worth it. I am glad I found AMAC.

1 year ago
Reply to  RC100

Me, too!! Thank you so much AMAC!!!!!!!

T Fox
1 year ago

Had this not occurred the ramifications of the Chinese dictating the control and usage of this network could have been devastating to the FREE world and the security of many nations. Thank you Under Secretary Krach and President Trump for your initiative, forethought and courage to bring this to fruition. Let us make certain the Biden administration does not mess it up.

Dan W.
1 year ago

Great work by Keith Krach and his team.

I would be interested in a postscript for the first half of 2021. Hopefully the Clean Network has continued to expand.

Judy Murphy
1 year ago

Excellent article. I hadn’t heard any of this information and I listen to mainly conservative news. Thanks for educating me!

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Firms like AT&T, Verizon etc pushing 5G phones to public. FYI, see Americans for Responsable Technology

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