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Thousands of Ballots Were Scanned Numerous Times in Dominion Machines: Contractor Witness

ballotsDominion Voting Systems contractor who worked at Detroit’s TCF Center on Election Day testified before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Dec. 2 that she witnessed at least 30,000 ballots being counted numerous times in Dominion machines.

Melissa Carone, a freelance IT worker who assisted Dominion at Detroit’s ballot-counting site from 6:15 a.m. on Nov. 3 to 4 a.m. the next day, before returning later for several more hours on Nov. 4, said in an affidavit on Nov. 10 that she “witnessed nothing but fraudulent actions take place.”

The affidavit was submitted as a supplement to a lawsuit in Michigan.

“I observed numerous employees, city workers, running batches of ballots through the tabulators countless times, without discarding them first,” Carone said Wednesday, responding to a question from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani about what she observed while working at the center.

Carone said that the tabulating machines would jam two to three times an hour. She explained that the proper way to scan ballots when there’s a paper jam is to reset the count on the machine, or in other words discard the count, and rescan all of them with the jammed paper on top.

“Instead of discarding, they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning,” Carone said. “Counting ballots nine to 10 times.”

Carone noted that there were approximately 22 to 24 tabulating machines where she was working, and that she observed the malpractice “thousands of times” while she was at the site.

She explained that ballots were to be tabulated in batches of 50. However, as she observed poll workers scanning ballots more than once, the number of tabulated ballots on some machines reached figures in the hundreds.

Carone alleged that when she alerted her manager Nick Ikonomakis about the issue, he dismissed her concerns.

“I called my manager to a specific tabulating machine and I showed him a number on it that was over 500. They shouldn’t be over 50—ballots come in batches of 50. I said that we have a severe problem here Nick,” Carone explained.

“He [Nick] said, ‘Melissa I don’t want to hear that we have a problem, we are here to assist with IT, we are not here to run their election,’ and at that point I was really frustrated and upset, I could tell what was going on,” she said.

“What was going on?” asked Giuliani.

“He was in on it. They were cheating. It was very, very apparent,” Carone replied. “It was apparent that he was in on it. When he caught on to me knowing that he was in on it, he just wanted nothing to do with me.”

When questioned why more people haven’t come forward with allegations that they witnessed fraudulent actions at the Detroit ballot-count site, Carone said that her life has been destroyed.

“I’ll tell you why,” she said. “My life has been destroyed because of this. I’ve lost family, I’ve lost friends, I’ve been threatened, my kids have been threatened, I’ve had to move, I’ve had to change my phone number, I’ve had to get rid of social media—nobody wants to come forward. I can’t even get an actual job any more, because Democrats like to ruin your lives. That’s why.”

A second witness, a Republican poll challenger, echoed Carone’s claims, saying she noticed that some workers at Detroit’s TCF Center appeared not to know what to do when ballots were jammed. She asserted that workers in some cases wouldn’t discard the ballots prior to the problem ballot, therefore she saw numbers at 300 to 400 when they were tabulated in batches of 50.

“I could tell most of these people didn’t have enough training, and they were just mindlessly doing their job,” she said.

“This election I will say, these Democrats took every avenue possible to commit fraud in this election, and what I saw on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 was over 20 counts of fraud taking place right in front of my face,” Carone added.

Dominion has not responded yet to a request from The Epoch Times for comment and declined to appear before a state legislative hearing when requested.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Isabel Van Brugen

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James Liskutin
1 year ago

I have looked into the testimony and watched her body language and listened to how she presented herself. Melissa Carone Is a highly double degree qualified working mother. She has no time for nonsense and since reporting this she has been threatened as her children have too. Forced to move home, change her number, and shut down her social media because of threats and violent abuse from democrats. I could not detect any falsehood in her behaviour or responses. I could however, detect extreme distress. I applaud this brave strong young mother. She has been laid out for public execution by her peers. however she did it for integrity.

1 year ago
Reply to  James Liskutin

Amen and I don’t mind someone who speaks her mind after a few drinks lord knows I do’

1 year ago

As long as there is a true and just God, this will all be stopped before Joe Biden takes office. But if that man is actually inaugurated, I will burn my Bibles and my rosary beads.

John S.
1 year ago
Reply to  Misty

Right there with you. God cannot abandon us at this critical time. If He does, then he is not the just God we have been told about. And He does not deserve our worship.

James Liskutin
1 year ago
Reply to  Misty

remember what Paul prophesied in revelations. The antichrist.. Good will become bad up will become down. There will be seven years of rule. This may well be the coming time. Biden is a part of the Skull and Bones group. He is within the secret societies that are very likely to be a part of the revelations prophecies.

1 year ago
Reply to  James Liskutin

George W. Bush was also in Skull & Bones but I never trusted him neither!

22 days ago
Reply to  Misty

Maybe God gave us free will, and expects us to get busy and work on fixing this. God helps those who help themselves. He needs us to do our part, so he can do His.

1 year ago

Thanks to Dominion, we are trading an all-day, everyday president for a once a week president.

1 year ago

This is extremely frustrating … we’ve all already known all of this and to have Democratic appointed Judges in these states say that there is not enough evidence and have that Jackass John Roberts not jump on accepting this case of fraudulent criminal action boils my anger to overflowing! … If they think We the People will just quietly accept Jackass Joe Biden as OUR duly elected President, they are all nuts! … if I was President Trump, I would declare Martial Law and claim himself the People’s choice and start arresting any and all Communist Democratic leaders and politicians who can lie with a straight face against what We all know as true! … This farce must end!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rik

You are a complete fanatic, an idiot spewing Martial Law , Communist Democrats, arresting people. That is what communist countries do. Why dont you take your X president Trump,,, THE LOSER and LIAR with you and move to Russia or some other country

1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

President Trump is neither a loser nor a liar. Stop and think. Our country is being torn apart by people in government whom are power hungry they do not want their gravy train derailed. For many years they have obviously stole elections and positions with luscious salaries. This must stop! President Trump is trying to save our country for ALL citizens. You move out!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rik


Do you understand that you’re advocating the very same actions that are consistent with how both socialist and communist countries work to either seize or maintain power? The President is not going to declare martial law to do as you wish, nor should he. That would be both unconstitutional and counter to everything that Trump stands for. The President simply wants to use the constitutional processes available to any American President to ensure the election results were tabulated correctly, as opposed to including the millions of fraudulent votes in the six key swing states in that tabulation.

Having followed the various aspects of the how the Democrats have manipulated the vote counts in these six states, it is painfully obvious that the Democrats utilized several means to achieve their desired result. Getting a Democrat appointed or elected judge in a Democrat controlled state to either acknowledge any of the evidence has been the sticking point, if you have watched any of the state broadcasts. Not surprising and the Trump legal team expected this from the start. Most of us in the general public knew, or should have known as this has been spelled out numerous times, that this would all come down to the Supreme Court. That is where this is all headed.

If Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to allow any of the 5 or 6 current cases that the Trump legal team has filed to date with the Supreme Court, then we know “rule of law” is truly dead in this country. The Supreme Court should at least preserve its integrity by hearing the evidence themselves and making a ruling based on the evidence presented. That is what they are there for after all.

If the Court refuses to do that, then how the American people react will be on their heads. The idea that hundreds of instances, across multiple states, of what amounts to massive, coordinated voter manipulation should simply be tolerated and accepted is of course ludicrous. Watching how several of our global allies have been covering this in their news just highlights they view it the same way. It would simply be rewarding illegal activity and encourage ALL future elections in our country to be stolen in an identical manner.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

You are the voice of sanity, PaulE. Why the Supreme Court hasn’t already decided to hear these cases is beyond me. In any contest as significant as electing the president of the United States, there should be no hesitation. For the sake of stopping further division in this country and the possible theft of the presidency (domestic terrorism?), Chief Justice John Roberts, HEAR THE DARN CASES!!

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