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Targeting Blumenthal and Schumer, PAC Wants Blue-State Senate Push

AMAC Newsline By Seamus Brennan

With polls showing rising GOP fortunes in key gubernatorial races in Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, and Wisconsin, a conservative PAC is now looking to help expand the Senate map for Republicans—both in key swing states and in blue enclaves like Connecticut and New York. The PAC’s new 5-state ad campaign extends to Arizona, New Hampshire, returns to New York, and for the first time goes into Nevada—but the PAC is focusing particularly on Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), following the release of a recent Connecticut Examiner/Fabrizio poll showing surprisingly weak numbers for the incumbent Senator in his home state, which has long been considered a Democrat stronghold.

The ad, which will air on nightly broadcast news in Hartford through next week, alleges that “the most dangerous place in Washington and Connecticut is standing between Blumenthal and a TV camera.” Playing on Blumenthal’s character flaws, the spot charges that the Connecticut Senator “even completely fabricated a story about his military service in Vietnam” alongside a headline reading “INSULT TO VETERANS.”

Around the halfway mark of the two-minute TV spot, the ad pins Blumenthal as Biden’s “key enabler,” noting that he votes with Biden 98 percent of the time and “cast the deciding vote on huge spending bills that cause shattering inflation and recession”—referring to the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” which economists predict will even further aggravate inflation and raise costs for Connecticut families. The ad also hits Blumenthal for his complicity in the highly unpopular student loan giveaway.

The ad’s principal thrust is the “extremism” theme, charging that Blumenthal is “too extreme” for Connecticut. During the spot, the narrator asks a series of pointed questions like “How can he say he isn’t a left-wing extremist if every time he votes like one?” and “Why did Richard Blumenthal go to the big city and forget the people who sent him there?” The ad also displays an image of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other members of “The Squad” with the headline “CORRUPT BARGAIN,” suggesting that the far-left wing of the Democrat Party and its billionaire donors have scared Senate Democrats like Blumenthal into pivoting further to the left than his constituents wanted.

Suggesting that Blumenthal’s seat may well be endangered, George Landrith, president of Frontiers of Freedom Action, the group that is running the spot, said: “In Connecticut the polling has shown Blumenthal with weak support and his opponent Leora Levy pulled quite close in a recent Fabrizio poll and has momentum. She is an excellent candidate with very impressive educational and professional credentials but, most of all, she is an outspoken critic of Blumenthal’s leftist swing.”

“Republicans must expand the map and go for a big win in the Senate—people in Connecticut and New York are disgusted with Blumenthal and Schumer as symbols of a Democratic Party taken over by left-wing extremists,” said the PAC Chairman.

“While the ad attracted attention when we first ran it against Schumer in August, it really took off when some of the Arizona media noted that it had helped to boost the Blake Masters campaign by defining Kelly not as a moderate, but as an ‘extremist.’ So in a way, this is the Blake Masters ad. That’s when we doubled down in Arizona, and after that went to New Hampshire. All the way along, some cynics have been saying we were wasting our time, but now both of those states are very much in play. We’re hoping for the same in Connecticut. But also New York, where the Republican gubernatorial candidate seems to have a lead,” Landrith said.

The ad also labels Blumenthal as the “deciding vote in the Senate” who had the power to stop any number of Biden-induced disasters but refused to do so.

The unusual two-minute ad debuted in the same format as the PAC’s previous spots—which have aired in New York, Arizona, and New Hampshire. The format first drew national attention when it was hailed by one conservative news outlet as the “greatest campaign ad of all time,” and the Arizona media similarly credited the spot for “reviving” Republican senatorial candidate Blake Masters’ campaign. The ad has since been featured by the New Hampshire Journal and was tweeted by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. And now, the PAC hopes it can use the same strategy to oust Blumenthal in deep-blue Connecticut.

Like versions of the ad that have run in other states, the first minute of the spot focuses primarily on the media for trying to cover up left-wing corruption, displaying headlines about media scandals and smears—including its suppression of the COVID-19 lab leak theory, censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell, promotion of the Russian collusion hoax, coverup of Hillary Clinton’s email scandals, and refusal to report on Biden’s blackmailing of the Ukrainian government. The ad also catalogues other political smears, like those against General Michael Flynn, students at Covington Catholic High School, and parents protesting anti-Americanism in their local schools.

The TV spot goes on to blame the media for elevating Joe Biden to the presidency by letting him run “from his basement” and “covering up his incompetence and ill health.” It then attacks Biden as “the worst president in modern history,” and features videos of him falling up the stairs on Air Force One and taking directions from the Easter Bunny at a White House event with the headline “EASTER BUNNY RUNS WHITE HOUSE EVENT.”

Alongside the ad’s debut in Connecticut, the spot is also returning to upstate New York in a new broadcast buy in the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse markets. The Connecticut spot also coincides with a new buy in Arizona, continuing ads in New Hampshire, and a first-time purchase in Nevada—marking the fifth state the ad has reached this election cycle.

“These are not 30-second attack ads that try to manipulate people, but heavily informative narrative ads that work particularly well with independents, women, and young people who appreciate being given context and a story that put a larger perspective around the issues,” said Landrith.

With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, Landrith’s ad campaign could ultimately prove instrumental not only in helping Republicans win back control of the Senate, but also in flipping seats in reliable blue states that no one predicted would be in play.

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JC Hood
3 months ago

Keep the pressure on them!

Myrna Wade
3 months ago

Voters have numerous examples of what each candidate represents just from their own statements. So long as we vote on our eye-witness accounts, we are responsible, informed voters.
We will be seeing many slick mailers and attack ads by opposition. However, those are a close relative to gossip.
I hope today’s children learn what we did: primary sources are most accurate. View the rest of the sources as something to consider, but our eyes do not deceive us and slick mailers may.

Old Silk
3 months ago

They’re proud of being smarmy.

3 months ago

Beware of the 3am emergency democrat voters. Almost took back Virginia

Michael Lewis
3 months ago

 According to Shorty Chesser, in the 1940’s, if you wanted to get into politics, you thru your hat into the ring in church. If the hat came sailing back you should forget it. Then came Lyndon Baines Johnson’s law that scared many ministers from talking politics in Church. It was a shame, because we should want the same value systems in future politicians that we want in clergy selected to run churches.

Federal Campaign Laws did not come into existence because the electorate was outraged rather because liberal trust astroturf-campaigns (PEW) complained corporate money influenced and warped election outcomes.

As a result, Federal Campaign Laws regulated the right of flesh and blood citizen’s to exercise freedom of the press, while politicians cannot regulate how much media-corporations spend, because that would infringe on corporate 1st Amendment rights.

It is no surprise that media corporations, elevated to Pravda like royalty, have since towed the liberal Democrat Party line and woke corporate policy with spiked, overplayed or even made up coverage of politics.

Meanwhile, 230 provides similar cover to the censors working for social media giants.

After the coming Red Wave, “we the people” need to demand the Republicans address these unequal rights and censorship!

Don Schmidt
3 months ago

Make the democrats defend Blue-State seats.

Douglas C
3 months ago

I find the “golly gee” gist of the article a bit odd. It is no secret that Republicans, local and national have for many election cycles been horrible mass media users. Driven by simple minded contracted pollsters lining the pollster’s pockets with our campaign contributions. No persuasive intellect at all in the ads. No compelling reasons to vote Republican. This hapless approach has been pointed out by many for a long time. So now a couple of powerful narrative ads make the airwaves, and we’re supposed to be surprised they work! Of course, they work against the radical Progressives. Contrary to popular belief, Americans, even Blue Americans are not immune to thoughtful persuasion. So, this Eureka moment is anything but. Why the conservative movement has not been building on this narrative model year in and year out baffles me.

J. Farley
3 months ago

Senator Blumenthal is one of the creepiest people on planet Earth, he is a Stolen Valor Weasel, Connecticut can do better, they should have voted him out long ago, He and Joe Biden are both frauds and liars, come on people in Connecticut show the rest of America that you believe in the Constitution and the rule of law
Make America Great Again —- Vote Republican!

3 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Yes, you are so right Blumenthal and Biden creepy frauds and liars. Really BIG liars!

J. Farley
3 months ago
Reply to  BAE

A lot of good America’s young boys Died in Nam, and this slime-ball claimed he was there, all the while he was in Connecticut Picken crap with the chickens, thanks for your comment.

3 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Don’t forget DaNang Dick is Vietnam war hero.

3 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Nice job J. Farley– Another point concerning Blumey—Last January he spoke at a gathering of Connecticut Peoples World Committee and handed out some awards. CPWC is a COMMUNIST PARTY affiliate. He claimed he wasn’t aware of their connection. He is also pretty far ahead of Levy in his race and has a truckload of cash left to spend. PS- His speech was about Build Back Better aka Broke.

J. Farley
3 months ago
Reply to  Art

He is up to his butt in Communism!
Thanks Art

3 months ago

Blumenthal is an idiot.

Battling Idiots Daily
3 months ago
Reply to  nate

You have just insulted idiots!

Sharon Ormsby
3 months ago

I HATE the Democratic party as a WHOLE! It’s the most evil and Satanic of them all. At least the Green Party thinks they are doing good.

3 months ago

I believe the House is pretty much a done deal. A must that conservatives continue pushing these people for the House. The hard verbal and monetary push needs to be in the Senate and Governors. Focus on the economy, energy, lack there of, basic rights, crime, be very vocal that there is absolutely zero intention to mess with SS. Focus on those things most troublesome and scary to the average citizen. This is doable. Stop the personal attacks, we all know who the scumbags are.

Stephen Russell
3 months ago

Target ALL Blue states A-Z

3 months ago

Schumer and Blumenthal are two rotten Jewish leftists who are elected by other leftist Jews. Both are lairs, publicity seekers and have little connection with political and economic reality. They will still win because both states are heavily Democratic and contain many poorly educated and intellectually lazy voters especially the Negroes who vote for anyone with a D in front of their name.

Marvin Pollack
3 months ago
Reply to  fredwriter1961

What does Jewish have to do with it?

3 months ago

good ad! It’s about time we called out the extremists on the democrats side instead of letting them label all people they disagree with as extremists. They are the extremists!

3 months ago
Reply to  ciccia

Yes, a good ad, but they tried to get too much information into a 2 minute ad. The narrator was speaking so fast, I bet a lot of people didn’t absorb half of what was said. I had to listen to it twice, the second time pausing every few seconds, and running back the ad. Not trying to be negative, maybe my brain is just slowing down.

Sarah S.
3 months ago
Reply to  Joearcher

It was incredibly fast!

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

The aggressive posture by the GOP is long overdue here. Fight fire with fire all the way… I can’t help but assume there must be a large segment of the voting public in CT that by now should be totally fed up with Blumenthal…I despised the man well over 30 years running now, I no longer live in that neck of the woods, but I can appreciate the frustration the people of CT must be enduring with this lying POS that should have been REMOVED from office well over 40 years ago… Term Limits are an absolute must but more importantly, people need to vote these creatures out of office, once & for all…Great article.
Bill… :~)

David Barillaro
3 months ago

I’m actually embarrassed by the representation voters in Connecticut have been sending to Washington

David Millikan
3 months ago

Well put article.

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