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Strong-State Federalism Is The Best Path Forward Right Now For The GOP (And The Country)

The 2022 midterms were as much an indictment of bloated national leadership on both sides of the aisle as they were of anything. People didn’t vote overwhelmingly for incumbents because they think the country is headed in a good direction (more than 7 in 10 Americans say it isn’t).

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Reprinted with Permission from - The Federalist by – Elle Purnell

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Tom, Of Texas
5 months ago

Repeal the 17th Amendment for a start.

Freddie Salazar
6 months ago

The US government has completely overstepped its boundaries in numerous areas.This administration has politicized certain branches and this president has threatened the American people more than once. It’s time the states take back their rightful governing powers and put the federal government on an EXTREME MONETARY DIET!

5 months ago

Yes, the Federal Government has been operating at an extra constitutional level since at least Woody Wilson.

Craig Driver
6 months ago

The States must return to the founding principles of our nation. They must regain their rightful powers and force the federal government back into the confines of the U.S. Constitution.

6 months ago

This is a mega-topic that receives no attention. Abortion, school choice, student testing, use of the national guard (which is well underused), criminal procedures such as determining jail sentences and bail, use of medicare funding, and dozens of other key matters should be determined solely by the states with no federal influence, regulation, restriction, guidelines or even recommendations.
Federal regulatory offices should be shut down. I’m sure they employ millions

6 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

I agree. The federal government has become a bloated good for nothing nuisance. It seems the military doesn’t even know how to protect its citizens anymore. Shut it down!

David Millikan
6 months ago

The GOP must Stop DICTATOR Beijing biden from sending our Tax Dollars to Communist China owned Mines in Canada.
This is NOT why we pay taxes.

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