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Stop Demanding “Pronouns” of Kids

Several months ago, the Wall Street Journal featured a distinguished evolutionary biologist. He condemned the “woke” world demanding kids redefine themselves by “pronouns,” accepting the left’s sexual ideology, complete with 72 genders. This kind of nonsense damages kids, and society. Caring adults need to speak the truth, not force kids to think this is normal.

On top of social unrest, COVID-recoil, and economic anxiety, we have Supreme Court nominees who cannot define a “woman,” school administrators afraid to stop “furries” (children believing they are animals), boys who demand to break into girls’ sports, parents angry, and kids confused.

Now, Biden and Harris are re-writing language, history, biology, and social interaction by demanding people “give their pronouns” – meaning accept that some see themselves as multiple people, fractured, or are just anatomically confused – as the price for entry into social dialogue.

All this misunderstands “pronouns” – intentionally. Educational and political activists claim pronouns are something we feel, choose by whim, fantasy, and can change, even obsess – rather than grammatical shorthand for nouns. Kids are taught they can be countless genders.

Not to lose the horizon, feelings are feelings. Your personal feelings about who you are, what you are, where you are, never mind what you want others to think of you, what you want to achieve, or perhaps your resolve to achieve nothing, play fast and loose with laws and language, be a lifetime victim, blame others for your woes, or imagine yourself a king, is your business. 

But biology, history, and logic – if you think about it – amount to hard facts. There are two sexes, male and female. We all derive from the combination, back into the mists of time.  

There are three types of pronouns – in every language humanity has ever invented, first, second, and third person sets. They do not change, nor the nouns to which they refer, even on bad days.

First-person pronouns are “I” and “me” singular, “we” and “us” for plural. Second-person –referring to others – are “you” and “your” singular, “you” plural. Third-person singular pronouns are “he, “she,” “it,” “him” or “her,” and plural “they,” “them,” and “their.” Last point: Singular means one, plural more.

Now that we have that settled, consider those who want us to conform to gobbledygook – or else. As part of “woke-ism,” Democrats say kids should pick their sex, parents need not know, hormones can be forced on them, and kids can be any sex or zoo animal they wish.

In short, every day is Halloween, only worse. Role playing, imagination, confusion about sexual orientation is becoming the norm. An outrage, like kicking kids out of school for two years, causing them to become prey to adult-driven fears.

Let’s get real, shall we? The reality is that kids are not a thousand genders, fictional characters, or zoo animals. They should not be jabbed with hormones. They are children, and they trust us for truth – not leftist social experimentation. Inflicting damage on children is indefensible and abusive.

People who care about children should set them right, talk truth not nonsense, do so at the appropriate age and not with any political agenda, leave the entire discussion where it belongs, with parents.

Zeitgeist or not, children are placed in our care by God with the idea that we cherish them, honor their innocence, educate them honestly, encourage happy wonder not confusion, fear, or anxiety.

The downstream effects on society of social damage being done to children by politicians and administrators who are playing God is likely to be enormous, affecting generations ahead.

If this were not enough, Marxist Democrat leaders now push employers, educators, churches, synagogues, mosques, and even parents to get “woke.”  Biden’s Department of Education pushes regulations ending Title IX protections for biological girls, gutting 50 years of gain.

Telling every boy and girl now to “pick their pronouns,” as if leftist theology supplants logic and critical thinking, life skills, math, biology, chemistry, physics, and history – is nonsense.

What is to be done? Answer is simple.  If the emperor’s new clothes are no clothes, we need to say so.  This obsession with “pronouns” is replacing real learning and must end. Real lessons are timeless: Be true to thine own self, seek truth. Do not accept intimidation or inapt demands.

For adults in positions of responsibility, including a president and vice president, to pretend truth is not truth, fiction is fact, kids are okay to experiment on, parents do not count, history, biology, science, and grammar do not count – is absurd.

We do not need to be an evolutionary biologist to know inflicting politically motivated nonsense on kids is not right, not good for society, and not defensible. Common sense, logic, and facts matter. Babies still come in two genders and always will. Children are not cats, dogs, or zebras. Sorry to be a skunk – not really – at the garden party, but indulging wild absurdities makes us all fools, and this teaches that reality does not matter. Only it does, and it will. So, let’s say so.

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Robin W Boyd
7 months ago

Languages are always in a state of flux. But we should never politicize a social aspect of language. To want to be addressed in a way that’s not what has been normal ever before is one thing, to demand others do the same is fascism!

Kevin P
8 months ago

Since LinkedIn prompts users for pronouns, I elected “American, Patriot” as mine.

8 months ago

Pick the adjective for this bizarre craziness– I vote for insane and devious.

Gabe Hanzeli
8 months ago

hers your pronouns: ” hey you get your ass to work”. got it now shut up.

Conway Redding
8 months ago

This article pretty much states my thinking on the transgender phenomenon. As is attested to by the recent determination that being “trans” qualifies as a disability, there is something seriously wrong with these people, and that fact needs to be consistently acknowledged.
We should also be looking for a fix for what ails them, though I am not at ll hopeful that one will be found. But treating them humanely should not involve humoring them in their delusions.

8 months ago

Thanks. My pronouns are Thou, Thee, Thy, and Thine. Proper grammar please.

8 months ago

The Word speaks of reprobate mind

anna hubert
8 months ago

How can a few complete whackos hold such power and influence there’s something rotten in DC

8 months ago

My pronouns are fluid with whatever situation I am in. It drives progressives crazy. They cannot say a word because that would be racist and insulting and they won’t go there. I love playing with people like this. Try it sometime. It’s is fun and they deserve it.

Philip Hammersley
8 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

A dose of their own medicine ALWAYS makes them sick!

Mia Wallace
8 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

Same here. I never know what I’ll identify as when my eyes open in the morning. It’s always a big surprise! Animal, vegetable, mineral…spin the wheel!

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