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gun AmericaAny time a mass shooting occurs in the United States, the topic of gun control is at the forefront of the conversation. In the wake of the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students and teachers have already begun to take action through protests and boycotts, continuing a national debate on gun control in the prevention of such shootings.

On March 24, gun control advocates plan to take to the streets of Washington, DC in what has been named the “March For Our Lives”. “The mission and focus of March For Our Lives is to demand that a comprehensive and effective bill be immediately brought before Congress to address these gun issues,” the mission statement of the March For Our Lives reads.

While it is of great national importance to stop these mass shootings, AMAC believes that the rhetoric behind these activists’ gun control arguments is misguided.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives Americans the right to gun ownership and self-defense. If the government were to trample upon this vital freedom, they would be flagrantly and directly weakening our God-given, Constitutional liberties.

AMAC proposes we fight the March For Our Lives’ misinformation campaign by spreading awareness on why the Second Amendment is so integral to American life and to our national values.

To our loyal AMAC Members: we’d like to hear from YOU. Click the link below to share your personal experiences in which guns were used in self-defense or in the prevention of a possible crime.

Knowledge is power. Let’s fight misinformation, propaganda, and half-truths with facts. Together, we can protect our Second Amendment rights.

Share Your Experiences

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4 years ago

To blame guns for killing people is like blaming swimming pools for drowning them. It’s always comes down to the individual but easier to blame an inatimate object. For most law abiding citizens, guns are purely defensive and for the lawless they are totally aggressive. Liberals cannot or will not make the connection. The support for the 2nd Amendment is being eroded by the school system and society failing to hold the perpetrators accountable. Society is safer when criminals don’t know who’s armed.

5 years ago

It just feels good to know that your gun is always close by. Being able to defend yourself is comforting. I don’t feel a need to carry.

5 years ago

I read this analogy sometime time ago and it is a good one. There are three types of people: Wolves, sheep and sheep dogs. The wolves are those who prey on sheep. The sheep are those who refuse to defend themselves or others due to their passive natures. Some of them wish to impose this on everyone. The sheep dogs are those who would defend themselves and risk their own lives to defend their loved ones or even strangers from the wolves due to their innate good nature. most law enforcement, servicemen, and many civilians fall into the last category.
History is replete with over arching governments disarming the governed in order to control them. This is the primary reason for the second amendment. It also guarantees the right of the people to maintain firearms to defend against a foreign invasion. Most Americans and most people throughout history recognize the inherent God given right to self defense. But recently our culture has moved away from belief in God and embraced Godless humanism. And with the government condoning (and funding) the taking of innocent human life in the womb comes an indifference to it. Entertainment has sunk so low as to revel in gratuitous, desensitizing graphic violence. Interesting that most actors and actresses in this “entertainment” preach against guns and seek to disarm the people. But like the leftist politicians whose end game is total disarmament, they are hypocrites and can afford armed protection or have it paid for at taxpayer expense. One more ingredient to the volatile mix is prescription drugs. The majority of mass shooters have been on or were withdrawing from psychotic prescription drugs.
So what’s the answer? A good start would be taking our children and grandchildren back from the Godless public indoctrination system.

5 years ago

I must have a lazy gun, it’s never shot anyone ??

Roger Mansfield
5 years ago

Many people talking about how the background check system failed and the Broward County Cowards Office and the FBI failed to follow up to prevent this 19 year old miscreant head case from buying a firearm. What makes anybody think that if this piece of “pond scum” had been denied the purchase of a firearm that that would have prevented this shooting?? He would have stolen a gun or bought one in a back alley.

There are some things that might have stopped him or slowed him down.

If that Football Coach or some other teachers had been a concealed carry holders. Maybe things would have been different. We’ll never know? But one thing is for sure FL like many other states deny school teachers and administrators the fundamental right to protect themselves and by do so protect their students, as well.

Every teacher in a every school in America who can attain a concealed carry permit should be allowed to carry their firearm on school property if they so choose. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” What is so damn hard to understand about that clause??

5 years ago

Just remember, IF you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them!

Mike Webb
5 years ago

Hello the camp! I am blessed by living in Arizona, the most-2A friendly state extant. While I participated in high-power matches and pistol league in the past, I ‘discovered’ Cowboy Action Shooting 30+ years ago, making a statement in black-powder cartridge and percussion pistol as competitive and downright fun. I serve as a range safety officer at the local range and mostly tinker in 3-gun now–about as tacticool as a brick, but trigger time is trigger time, plainly good for the soul. My best wish is others share this blessing. mw

5 years ago

I don’t recall the exact details because this happened over 30 years ago. My 13 year old daughter, a friend and I were 4-wheeling in Dog Valley just north of Reno NV. The road we were on makes a loop and comes out at Verdi. We decided to stop at Stampede Reservoir to make some sandwiches before continuing on to Verdi. I set up a camp table, broke out the ice chest and got everything set out to make lunch. Like always, I set my .44 mag on the table and told my friend and daughter where it was just in case it was needed. Shortly thereafter a pickup truck pulled in about 30 yards from where we were. There were 7 guys in the truck, 3 in front and 4 in the back. They jumped out of the pickup and told me that this was their spot and I had to leave. I told them that it was public land but they could share the area if they wanted and that we were going to be leaving after we had lunch. One grabbed a baseball bat, another grabbed a tire iron and a couple of them pulled out knives and told me to get the hell out of there now. I told them as soon as we were finished making lunch we would go. They started toward me as if they were going to beat us up. I stood up and grabbed my .44 mag off of the table, pulled it out of the holster and fired a round over their heads. I said I’ve got 5 more rounds which five of you want to die and then said all you got to do is take one more step forward and I shoot your ass. Lucky for all of us they turned around jumped in their truck and took off. We immediately threw everything back into my truck and took off because we thought they would come back. Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t have my .44 mag with me?

5 years ago

When are these gun control nutjobs ever going to get it? It’s not the gun, it’s the wacko bad guy who pulls the trigger!!

Rick B.
5 years ago

I have owned guns since I was a teenager and have never harmed a soul. I am now 66 years old. My father was in federal LE, and I went with him on more than one occasion to shoot his .38-SPCL revolver at a firing range when he practiced to qualify each year. I have a concealed handgun license for NC, a state which has reciprocal concealed carry agreements with all states I normally transit, and I do usually carry a concealed handgun. The only exceptions are if I will be visiting a school, government facility, police station, or other restricted area. I would not hesitate to use it if my life or someone else’s was threatened, and I felt I could stop the threat using lethal force without harming bystanders.

5 years ago

LLL, Loud Left Loonies, only their opinion matters, “Shame on you” infuriated me, Shame on them for not backing the constitution, supporting all people’s rights. They support unplanned parenthood, by promoting abortion which has murdered 50 million children but that’s not on their agenda, rewrighting the constitution is.
Don’t let them push for a constitutional convention…..we will loose our rights.

5 years ago

The problem will never change until people realize that having a gun free zone, only works for people who do not obey laws. Arm the capable teachers and see what happens.

Terry O\'Malley
5 years ago

The issue isn’t guns or mental health but the failure and politicalization of the agency’s responsible from the top down management. So far there was evidence that acted upon would prevented and contained these tragic failures in pro active

5 years ago

The groups “mission statement” ends with “… to address these gun issues,,,” NEWS FLASH: The guns don’t get up by themselves and decide to go on a shooting spree, just as a pressure cooker didn’t decide to bomb the Boston Marathon. These “useful idiots” that march against our Constitutional rights are brainwashed by the liberal neuro linguistic programming that the left has become so proficient at, and is perpetrated by the politicians, fake news media, and Hollywood globalists. Examples: “Gun violence”, “Pro-Choice”, “women’s health services” (Planned Parenthood), “undocumented immigrants”, “war against women”, “homophobia”, “Islamophobia”, “fascist”, “racist” etc., etc. And as far as gun control being at the forefront of the conversation? It is a one party conversation. The left invites “experts” on their fake news programs that don’t own guns, don’t shoot guns, don’t acknowledge the Constitutional rights to own and bear guns, and for the most part, don’t even understand how guns work (“automatic magazines” is a perfect example of their ignorance). But when someone or some group tries to enter the “conversation”, they are shot down and silenced because the left doesn’t want the public to hear REAL common sense answers to mass murders. So the politicians and the fake news continue to perpetuate the lies and continue to push for anti-Constitutional “laws” to be passed, and most people accept the new legislation as “law”, even though they violate the Constitution of the United States of America, the “Supreme Law of the Land”. The truth behind these marches and the left’s anti-gun stance, is much more nefarious than most people would believe. They will not stop until the citizens of EVERY country atre disarmed.

5 years ago
Reply to  Aardvark

Google “O’Sullivans Law”.

Maria Rose
5 years ago

I don’t own a gun ( I have considered getting one) but I do believe in the right to own one provided the owner gets trained to properly handle the gun and goes through the vetting process to achieve ownership plus keeps the firearm properly stored when not in use to eliminate others from mishandling the gun. My ex-spouse had a shotgun which he showed me how to handle properly after I was attacked by a burglar who climbed in the window. Luckily I fought him off while scratching him while he was trying to silence me by punching me. We had that shotgun stored away broken down into it’s pieces after we moved to eliminate our children from playing with it. It was a legally brought gun and registered to my ex-spouse. Being that he trained as a helicopter sniper and was also a former sheriff for West Virginia, he was trained for handling that weapon.
Being that I am now living in ultra liberal New York now, if I wanted to own and be trained to use a hand gun , I would have to go through a whole bunch of hoops, plus have to re-train yearly at a shooting range but it would be worth it.
My peeve is how easy it is for criminals to get guns. This is the problem with guns. ILLEGAL USE

Chuck Young
5 years ago

Firearms were a necessary way of life while residing a quarter century in Alaska 70’s through 90’s. Much of that time was spent in what used to be known as the ‘bush.’ There was insufficient income to feed my wife and children. There was insufficient grocery resources to feed my wife and children. My chosen life style was my decision not all’ya’all’s decision. I could not in good conscious take all’ya’all’s tax-funded welfare. Firearms kept meat on my family’s table. My wife died. The children grew up. I moved on. I married a lady who when I left home this afternoon is black. An instructor that teaches terrorism awareness to law enforcement agencies told me never to leave my house unarmed because of our interracial marriage. ’twas necessary more than once over my lifetime to disarm culprits. A few of those were active shooters. My daughter-in-law survived the 1997-02-19 Bethel School shooting. Guns were so prevalent when I was a lad that the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs sold mail order guns. I don’t recall mass shootings in schools and theaters. There were less gun laws back then. Proper problem solving begins with accurately identifying the problem so that a remedy can be devised. The progressive, hubristic, do-gooders better wake up, smell the coffee, and properly identify the problem if a remedy is be devised Guns are no more the problem that are than are automobiles, knives, and other instruments. What progressive, hubristic, do-gooder is going to defend my wife when we are out and about? The answer is none of them. ’tis my wife’s life that is my responsibility. I’ll not pass my responsibility for my wife’s safety over to others.

James Farley
5 years ago

James F.
For about 147 years the National Rifle Association has been a strong and proud organization that has promoted gun safety and
has protected the 2nd amendment from evil politicians . The 2nd amendment stands at the forefront in protecting all of the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights. ( The old saying fear the government that fears your guns ) most presidents up to Bill Clinton
have been members of the NRA and for the most part have protected it, That was until more and more ,year after year we have
elected more socialist to Congress that want more and more big government and control over the population . i.e. welfare,health care etc. The old trick , hang the carrot out there so they want more.
We are having a breakdown in moral and family values that our nation cannot endure . we have turned from GOD and self reliance to big government and substance abuse, young people to day do not care about history , their past or family values.
with more and more one parent homes there is no family unity. Why is it that planned parenthood can kill upwards of 30,000
babies each year and only a few are outraged .
my father bought me my first gun when I was 5 and never restricted my use of it , but my parents also taught me respect for
property and other people.
When i was in high school I would take my hunting rifle to school and leave it in plain sight locked in my pickup all day and after
school I and friends would drive 20 miles out of town and go deer hunting or on Friday nights go to where my father had ELK
camp setup .
George Soros and Micheal Bloomberg are public enemies number one

5 years ago

The Second Amendment was created to prevent tyranny or totalitarian control. I was just a young boy, maybe eight or nine, when a prowler was on our property one night. We lived in row homes and several neighbors were alerted when someone’s dog woke up almost the entire section of homes and scared the would be thief away. The next morning some of my neighbors said that had the burglar tried to break in, they were ready with their guns. And so, as a young boy, I learned the value of two things to protect one’s family, home and property. A gun and a dog. Both equally important. Although I do admit the canine gives more affection.

5 years ago

Let me further explain what the Second Amendment to the Constitution does, and does not. Many think that the Second Amendment GIVES us the Right to self defense. The Framers of the Constitution recognized that human beings have the Inherent Right to self defense. So when they added the Second Amendment to the Constitution it merely AFFIRMS that Right to an already Inherent Right. So for anyone who thinks that turning over the Second Amendment would eliminate our right of self defense they are very wrong. It is an Inherent Right, and as the Founders thoughtfully added, “That (Inherent) Right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. So the Second Amendment to the Constitution DOES NOT GIVE US THAT RIGHT, it merely CONFIRMS it.

John B
5 years ago

There are certain facts that you should be aware of before people protesting should consider. The main issue is first there are well over 35,000 gun laws out there already, it is a fact that our police agencies do NOT enforce them.
The other issue which I am certain you would chastise President Trump if he voiced it is EVERY MASS SHOOTING since 1980 has been committed by a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT and a ANTI Republican hater so if you want an answer here it he, stop Democrats from owning firearms, enforce the 35,000 gun control laws that are on books. The other fact is the locations that have the worst crime statistics and the highest shooting statistics are those that have the most gun control laws and the cities that are of Democrat Majority in population.

Before the Democrat morons start opening their mouths regarding more gun control, the sane and rational minds of intelligent people should be heard and considered. How about indisputable FACTS, all the shooters in the mass shooting since 1984 have ALL BEEN REGISTERED VOTING DEMOCRATS. Therefore, since this is the recorded facts the obvious solution to these shootings and future shootings is to BAN ALL FIREARM OWNERSHIP BY ANY DEMOCRAT. Further all Democrats should be registered as potential criminals and given mandatory mental evaluation, and at last resort have all Democrats barred from holding any political office, from being anywhere within 100 yards of any school or children, or from living in any community where rational intelligent people reside. If the above does not work than all females of democrat families must be neutered and and pregnant children aborted as a last ditch effort to rid our republic from this horde of mentally defective people.

The other item that seems to need answering is why do black people trash Trump when the Democratic Party is anti black, started the Klu Klux Klan, the Democrats were the only group that owned slaves, not ONE Republican every owned a slave, Historical FACT of life! The democratic party is anti Christianity, anti female, anti black why would a black person be involved with such a political party. Do you research objectively and you will find that these comments are actually the true facts of history that the democratic party is trying to hide from the public.

This shooter as with ALL the mass shooting since 1984 have been registered DEMOCRATS, Cruz is a Democrat, a Atheist, A member of ANTIFA, and hates conservatives

Antifa like Black Lives Matter are funded by the Fascist George Soros and the Fascist Democratic Party they are just like the Brown shirts of Nazi Germany or the Black Shirts of Mussolini’s Fascist Italy
Why are Democrats permitted to own firearms they are mentally ill individuals that should be in a mental institution

We do not need more anti gun laws we need to get the Democrats under control pass LAWS perhaps DEPORTING THEM, that would stop these shootings immediately
Nazi Germany had gun control 6 Million Murdered
Australia has Gun Control, did not change anything
Pol Pot had gun control 4 Million murdered
Great Britain has Gun Control does not work
Chicago has the toughest gun control highest murder rates in the USA
New York City has toughest gun control laws second highest murder rate in USA
California has tough gun laws, does not stop the drugs, murders etc

US Supreme Court ruled SIX TIMES that the Police Federal, State and Local do NOT have a obligation, responsibility to job to protect
you your family or your property, that is YOUR individual DUTY according to the US Supreme Court!

5 years ago
Reply to  John B

Did you include mandatory castration for Democrats?

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