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AMAC Supports RSC Health Care Plan

health care plan

AMAC supports the work done by the Republican Study Committee (RSC) to craft a free-market health care plan that puts Americans in control of medical care for themselves and their families. The plan embraces enterprising, innovative care delivery models by expanding access to direct primary care, telemedicine and health sharing ministries. The RSC’s plan is a solid blueprint to follow for the forthcoming debate on health care reform. 

October 31, 2019

Congressman Mike Johnson
Republican Study Committee
418 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Johnson:

On behalf of the more than 2 million members of AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens, I write to express our support for the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) health care plan, A Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care.

We are pleased with the healthy injection of free-market elements in the plan, including the significant expansion of contributions to health savings accounts (HSA). We believe this expansion will motivate Americans to become engaged and take more control over their health care. As AMAC is an organization that respects life, we also support the pro-life provisions in the proposal that safeguard against HSA funds being used for health care plans that provide abortions and restricts their funding for abortions or abortifacient drugs.

The RSC plan also recognizes the direct primary care model (DPC) as an innovative, affordable and transparent health care delivery system. The plan calls for greater access to direct primary care and would make DPC payments eligible health savings account expenditures. The expansion of DPC access provides Americans with something that is profoundly missing in the health care landscape, a true cost-effective, competitive option for primary care. The increases in access to health sharing ministries and telemedicine the RSC plan proposes offers more inventive choices for consumers.

The RSC plan also codifies the Trump Administration’s rules regarding Association Health Plans, Short-Term, Limited-Duration insurance plans (STLDI) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) which were all designed to reduce costs and provide consumers with multiple choices for their health care and are all policies that AMAC is on record as supporting.

The all-encompassing cost of health care, the role of government in its delivery and competitive choices are of significant concern for our members. The Republican Study Committee’s plan establishes a strong foundation for the critical discussions concerning health care reform that will take place in the months ahead. We applaud the Committee’s work to produce a sensible, market-driven and consumer-empowering proposal and are pleased to offer our full support for A Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care.


Bob Carlstrom
President, AMAC Action

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Ralph Ormsbee
3 years ago

What we really need is to place the scum destroying Medicare in Washington DC in prison for their deeds against the American people. And they can start with Bill And Hillary Clinton that took the Social Security and medicare funds and placed them in the General fund. And the fact that they sold the number one Trade Agreement to Communist China which is against American laws

Ralph Ormsbee
3 years ago

One problem I have with the system is the control of what doctors we use. I have changed Doctors a lot because I do not put up with Doctors that just pass you around or another pill. I want a doctor that see’s something that i will get a call and we together will get to the bottom of it. I do not take controlling the doctors used lite. I think that has a communist trend that says get the cheep one, not the good one

Donna J. Cross
3 years ago

Does AMAC offer Life and Health Insurance?

Jeff S.
3 years ago
Reply to  Donna J. Cross

Yes. It’s under benefits section on the website

Gail Arnold
3 years ago

Thank you I need info about dental and vision care.

Gladys Fernández
3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Arnold

About health insurance letter F how much will be, please.

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