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President Trump Becomes the First Sitting President to March for Life; Read HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s Statement on Trump’s Pro-Life Administration

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HHS Secretary Alex Azar released the following statement regarding the annual March for Life and the Trump Administration’s continued efforts to protect life and conscience:

“As thousands from across the country gather to march for life, I am proud to serve as part of the most pro-life administration in this country’s history, and I am immensely proud to join President Trump at the march as he becomes the first President to address this important gathering in person. President Trump believes that every life has inherent dignity and value, and it is an honor to lead a department that has demonstrated our full commitment to protecting the dignity of life from conception to natural death. HHS took numerous actions in 2019 to protect life by enforcing the laws on the books, like ensuring Title X dollars aren’t subsidizing the abortion industry. This past year, we took that fight to international organizations, where we stood up against the false claim that there is an international right to abortion. We’ve fought to protect the conscience rights of those who provide healthcare and participate in HHS-funded programs. Protecting conscience is our moral obligation as Americans and our legal obligation as faithful stewards of the law. We are proud to be ‘the Department of Life’ and will continue protecting life and lives while upholding the fundamental freedoms and inherent dignity of all Americans.”

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3 years ago

Kudos to President Trump

3 years ago

God Bless America ?? and our great ?? President Donald J Trump?????? TRUMP/ Pence 2020! We must all stand and give our praise for this wonderful President who believes in God and stands up to say so and save our right to life and all the many babies killed every day.
We all must stand strong with President Trump and help him win this November by voting. Defeating the Dems and their lies that they have been spouting since day one when he became our President.
?????? TRUMP/ PENCE 2020 ??????

3 years ago

Thank you President Trump for being our champion!! The champion for every living American, and the unborn who wish to live in this wonderful country.

3 years ago

We are fortunate to have President Trump stand up for the rights of the unborn. I pray that we will have him as our President for four more years.

M Thor
3 years ago

Amazing! The people whom scream the loudest about killing babies are the same fools whom think guns should be banned. Like all gun owners are killers. One would think that a woman wants to protect that which is within her womb. And then are those whom scream its their right to use abortion as a form of birth control. Insanity in my opinion but would love to read how wrong I am.

Charles Hill
3 years ago

If President Trump can get one or two more conservative judges onto the Supreme court it should be enough to overcome Roe verses Wade and make abortion illegale again.

Linda Plante
3 years ago

Great President! His understanding about the sanctity of life is outstanding. TRUMP 2020!!!

3 years ago

Thank you, President Trump for your leadership for LIFE. Keep leading from the FRONT.

3 years ago

Thank you president Trump for speaking up for the innocent.
The Lord sees all

3 years ago

Good I think it was great for him to show up he is the President of the United States of America, not just for the crazies out there that think it’s alright to Kill Innocent babies, yet raise hell over animals,

Josephine pooley
3 years ago

I love this administration for a lot of reasons but this is one of the biggest!

3 years ago

WOW!! Go trump and God bless you. This is exactly why Dems, liberal, socialist, and the left want to get rid of him. We are very proud of you! MAGA! ??

3 years ago

I am so proud to have a president who is not afraid to stand up for the unborn and born and elderly who cannot stand up for themselves. God Bless our President.

Old Guy
3 years ago

Easy, Dr. Matto. Remember, 1) When Trump came to office, he had to fight both Democrats and a probable majority of Republicans; and 2) because of his standing for life rather than abortion, he probably gave up several million votes from baby-killers. Have some patience, my friend. Let’s think about the next four years.

Paula Moran
3 years ago
Reply to  Old Guy

Sometimes we may be alone, and that is when the .Holy Spirit urges you to do the RIGHT thing.
Life is not a popularity contest. As Christians we should ALWAYS follow the leading of Who made us for His glory.

Sharon Harrigan
3 years ago

I wept when I read this article. I pray God will bless and strengthen President Trump in his actions to do what is right. May the LORD also protect him from his adversaries in our government.
1 Timothy 2:1-2
I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of Thanks be made for all men;
For kings and for all that are in authority;
that we may live a quiet and peaceable life in all honesty.

Terry W Ellis
3 years ago

You make us proud Mr. President. I just can hardly wait to vote for you again. Great job of standing up for our babies…..

3 years ago
Reply to  Terry W Ellis

Infanticide is never right I am seeing a trend of many young women using abortion. Instead of birth control. they sometimes have repeat abortions in lieu of birth control How sick is. That!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Thank you President Trump!!

3 years ago

NO surprise when a man has morals and respect for life and especially AMERICA. We ALL should be thankful for President Trumps Father and Mother as they required him to be responsible.

Sherry Loret
3 years ago

About time a President took good action toward life ,so babies do not have to die of abortion murders,God is giver & taker of life ,we are not for we are not God!

Bea Anthony
3 years ago

Trump’s willingness to state his stand clearly for pro life so close to an election where it could cost him votes (or gain votes for him) raises my respect for him a notch or two. The fact that he is willing to state his convictions loud and clear “before” votes are cast for or against him is highly commendable. My kind of president!!! Bea Anthony

3 years ago
Reply to  Bea Anthony

POTUS is a diamond in the rough. I have long thought that his political enemies are fearful that others like him will also join the ranks. That would spoil their control of politics in AMERICA. Indeed, way too much of the truth is and was ‘swept under the carpet”. By Crooked politicians!!!! Perhaps these less than honest folks are. Friends of Hillary??????

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