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President Biden Banning Guns? Not Likely

President Joe Biden, wearing an orange ribbon for gun violence awareness.

President Biden has had it with cars – often used to mow people down. And each incident lately involved a gas car. Accordingly, he plans to make America Safe Again by banning all gas cars.

Actually, none of that is true, but darn close. After the recent Walmart shooting, with a legally purchased handgun – 85 percent of which are semi-automatic – the president is ready to ban all semi-automatics.

Specifically, he stated: “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick, just sick. It has no socially redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

To hear this level of ignorance from some unhinged, uninformed, oddball, anti-American, or perhaps to discover China’s information warfare contains the statement, would be unsurprising, predictable. To hear it from a sitting president, is breathtaking – absurd, ignorant, sobering.

What is a semi-automatic? How many are there? Let’s get real. A semi-automatic is nothing more than a gun that reloads, one shot at a time, one trigger-pull at a time, has since 1800s. It does not keep firing by depressing the trigger.

In practical terms, it is the most common gun – sidearms and long arms, hunting rifles and shotguns, standard nine millimeter for civilians, military, and law enforcement, and .380 often carried by women for protection.  

On the numbers, in case you wondered, the majority of states allow concealed or open carry, and crime tends to be lower where they do.

Roughly 423 million firearms are owned by Americans, used daily to protect, deter, and save lives. Of that number, 20 million sporting rifles are semiautomatic, 50 million pistols.

Having said that, these are rough numbers since many shotguns, guns handed from generation to generation, and those uncounted are semi-automatic; my shotgun is. Moreover, weapons used for personal protection must allow multiple shots by a defender, as handguns are less accurate.

At a minimum, with insecurity, crime, homicides, distrust, and legal gun ownership – especially among women and minorities – rising, we have roughly one semi-automatic weapon for every five citizens. We are rebuilding an armed citizenry, last well informed in the 1970s. At that time, every Boy Scout knew firearms back then.

Like learning how to drive a car properly, use brakes, accelerator, manage turns, shift, change a tire, what not to do, what to do – those who learn never forget. And they tend to respect the car.

Of course, the 2nd Amendment is also clear. We all have a right to “keep and bear arms.” Is responsible use expected? Of course. Is it teachable? Of course. Should it be taught, when knowledge and possession often deter crime? Yes, it should.

But now comes a president who – each day – veers further off course, ready to defy our Constitution, history, Supreme Court rulings, and common sense – and deny self-protection.

To be clear, semi-automatic weapons are one reason people feel safer, not at the mercy of illegally armed criminals or an increasingly overbearing State. Tens of millions safely use semiautomatic sidearms and long arms each year for protection, target shooting, hunting.

This has been true for more than a century, one reason Americans remain free. We have never allowed a government to take basic rights – including self-defense – secured by the Constitution.

To hear a president of the United States, already slapped by the Supreme Court for exceeding constitutional authority on everything from giving away money to blocking worship, federalizing education to chilling speech – now try to take away gun ownership – is absurd, and scary.

What we have is a combination of senility, fragility, spleen, demagoguery, and leftist manipulation – a chief executive willing to say anything, attempt anything, push facially unconstitutional acts, because he thinks he can, and those around him see a mouthpiece.

What is required? Just this: Say “no” to unconstitutional overreach, understand the law and that we give the law its life, or lose what it protects. Some think it can never happen – but it could.

We must speak up, use laws, letters, voice, and values – even between elections – to make clear “We, The People” have God-given rights and expectations. We are sovereign, define the nation.

We are the ones for whom the Constitution was written, not overlords. Those elected must listen – to those who put them there. Americans do not report to an autocrat, let alone socialist or leftist cabal, even one that thinks their job is to end our rights.

So, when next we hear Mr. Biden declaring in his kingly way that he wants to ban something else, again subvert the Constitution, think again. That is not how America works, and not likely.

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Michael Lewis
2 months ago

I ask Joe Biden to lead by example and disarm his Secret Service?

2 months ago

I wonder if Joe also wants to ban BB and pellet guns?

2 months ago

There he goes again!He over loads his mouth a lot

2 months ago

The three things that need to occur for the New World Order/One World Government to take hold are: destroy the American economy, Bidens first accomplishment, weaken the American military, he’s quickly getting that done, and disarming the American populace, he may have some serious pushback on that from us that are not thrilled about our US government much less some faceless bureaucrats in some far away land.

2 months ago

For all practical purposes, a revolver could be called a “semi-automatic” weapon, since with each shot, a new round is positioned to fire. I wonder if Uncle Joe would be happy if we all carried single shot guns?

2 months ago

Unfortunately, when it comes to the second amendment and the democrats, This is a dog bites man story.

Completely expected.

2 months ago

“What we have is a combination of senility, fragility, spleen, demagoguery, and leftist manipulation – a chief executive willing to say anything, attempt anything, push facially unconstitutional acts, because he thinks he can, and those around him see a mouthpiece.”
This administration is failing at everything, this will be just another one for the record books.

George M
2 months ago

That’s the ONE thing I agree with Biden on. We don’t need Assault Guns with multiple rounds except for the Military. You ain’t deer hunting with one, unless there’s a riot with a hundred people breaking into your house would you need to fire so many rounds ! Common sense says it’s to Kill a lot of people in a little time ! Handgun, or Shotgun for home defense is ENOUGH. !

2 months ago
Reply to  George M

Did you read this? Doesn’t seem so.

Jerry L
2 months ago
Reply to  George M

Not many people hunt ducks or geese with a single shot shotgun, DOPE!

Casey C Matt
2 months ago
Reply to  George M

Ummmm…….I harvested both my deer this year with an Arsenal SAM7 SF……an evil AK type “weapon of war” (LOLOLOLOL). So……..yes, one can and many do hunt with whatever it is that a weapon of war may be deemed (shovel, knife, stick, rock, handgun, long gun).
If you don’t have a clue what you are talking about may I suggest you shut up?

2 months ago
Reply to  George M

clearly you have NO CLUE what you are talking about

1 month ago
Reply to  George M

George, I believe you have a right to your opinion without the slander you’re receiving. We have on this site forgotten the rules of debate, opinion, the right to disagree. Basically we’re attacking the right to free speech. We’re acting like democrats, my way or the highway, if you’re not for me you’re against me, everyone else is wrong but me, I’m always right. I may not agree with all that you are saying but I’m willing to stand up for your right to say it.

Herb S
2 months ago

Many years ago I worked with an English gentleman. When WW2 started he joined the RAF. During training he was posted to sentry duty. He was given a pole that was sharpened on one end. What’s this he asked? The sergeant replied “its a pike, the only weapon we have to give you”. Draconian gun laws had put the gun factories out of business and there was no one to supply arms for defense.

2 months ago
Reply to  Herb S

It even worse than that. The AMERICAN CITIZEN SEND THEM ARMS

After the war did they thank u? did thy sent the arms back (did they even try)

No they dumped them into the sea.

They still have not learned

J. Farley
2 months ago

Blaming crime on Guns is like saying matches cause arson of forks make Rosie O’Donald for being fat Guns have nothing to do with Crime.
People need to read the Constitution, the only way that the 2nd amendment can be altered is by Article 5 of the Constitution which sets forth the manner in which we change or add to the Constitution.
Any proposed change to the Constitution First takes Two-thirds of both houses that means that 67 Senators and 290 Representatives must approve any change and Second, it must be ratified by Three-Quarters of the States, which being 38 States.
Our founding Fathers did not intend for the Constitution to be destroyed by Legislative action or some sold out by the court system.
I will not give up my Constitutional rights to an Illegal, action by Congress, I will stand by my guns. Pun intended.
Give up your guns and you will no longer be a citizen, you will be a sublect.

2 months ago

I seek no I’ll will toward any person.Will defend family and self to last breath. The Democrats are in a less than good position. I feel certain that Bidens masters are holding their breath not knowing what he is going to say or who is implicated now and when he leaves office. The prisons fill up quickly when a perpetrator wants to talk for a deal. Joe is looking I’ll everyday covered by makeup and don’t forget his double just like Hillary.God,Country,Trump.Notice how Harris stays out of site with seldom a comment. IMO

2 months ago

“The idea we still allow Democrat politicians to be purchased is sick, just sick. It has no socially redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single solitary rationale for it except to profit their billionaire globalist donors.” There ya go Brandon, fixed it for ya!

2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago
Reply to  jocko


Michael J
2 months ago

The idea that it’s always the gun and never the deranged individual who wields it has always been democrat unhinged logic. Conversely, it’s those same who push, “catch and release” of dangerous individuals onto society while in constant pursuit of disarming the law-abiding. Regardless of the variety or type of firearms, in their eyes, the faster or more it shoots, the easier it is to demonize.
By now, we’ve just about heard every dem’s reason to ban everything related to guns, but never about reeling in crime. Evil exists and government has never been able to legislate lawlessness.
Society is safer when criminals don’t know who’s armed.
Disarming only those who follow the law has always been flawed reasoning.

2 months ago
Reply to  Michael J

Amen Michael J. As a former ‘Brit’ I can say that since Britain banned guns,gun crime has steadily risen.

Bill Wright
2 months ago

All I can say is death to the oligarchs of this government

2 months ago

All I can say is!Trump 2024!

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