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Positive Experience in San Diego

AMAC Member: Jay Berman

Location: California

I use the VA system in San Diego. I hear horrible stories about terrible service but that’s not what I have experienced here in San Diego. I had back surgery last year – lumbar fusion. They did an excellent job, from the beginning pre surgery items through recovery. Today I function absolutely normally .. a true miracle!

I have had my own doctor and nurse at one of the satellite clinics, they are fast and efficient. I get all the doctor time I need. Prescriptions are filled by phone or the website.

Sure, you have to wait for non emergency MRIs and some other services but if it is urgent, they make room for you right away.

I am very grateful for the San Diego Veterans Healthcare System – and I’m NO fan of or excessive and corrupt government ..

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8 years ago

I feel so bad. I want to apologize to JehovahSaveUs beuscae I went to reply to their most recent comment and accidently deleted it. Thankfully a copy of the post had been sent to my e-mail so I will repost it. and for the person who posted this, THANK YOU SO MUCH.. ive been very depressed and sometimes feel like i cant go on, but this vid shows me why i still have a chance. please dont delete this i beg you

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