Poll: 73 Percent of Republican Students Have Hidden Their Politics over Fears about Grades

turning-colleges-democrats-students-weak-whiny college studentsA recent survey of 1,000 Republican and Republican-leaning college students has found that 73 percent of them have hidden their political views in the classroom — because they’re worried that exposing them could negatively impact their grades.

College Pulse conducted the online poll at the end of August for a conservative campus-news source, The College Fix, which has previously reported on its findings. The survey polled conservative-leaning students only.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Katherine Timpf

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Jonathan Roy Chartrand
3 years ago

Something need to be done about American higher education. Is seems overpriced and all they do is indoctrinate our kids.

3 years ago

The business world is no different. Policies state no political discussion in the office but from what I have experienced, Democrats can discuss and opine without fear of being judged negatively or passed over for promotions, projects, etc.
However, should one express opinions that align with a Republican view/policy regardless of political affiliation or lack of, the treatment is much different.
Politics has destroyed this country.
I pity the younger generations and the dog eat dog world they will have to live in.

Tammy H
3 years ago

I had a professor give me a C on one paper where I wrote in favor of a flat tax. The only C that I received in the course of a four year degree. It became apparent very quickly that he had a liberal perspective. And I learned to write what the professors wanted to hear instead of what I believed to survive and succeed in that environment. Graduated with a 4.0 and glad to be out of that crap. Trump 2020!

3 years ago

Left Wing Academia has spent generations turning Freedom into Freedumb. Misspellings are just fine if they benefit The Left’s cause.

The Dumbing-Down of America has, ironically, been in the works for generations..literally generations…inside of American academia.

3 years ago

It’s a sad truth that supposedly the “Land of the FREE” has become prisoners to the leftists takeovers in our media and universities.
Bible prophecy warned about this but I though with the end of WW2 it had ended, however its getting worse, no “constitutional conservative” is safe to speak their minds.
Ronald Reagan spoke the ultimate truth: “If we lose our freedoms here in America there is no where else to go”!!!

3 years ago

This is a sad testament to the lefts’ attempts to destroy anyone that disagrees with them.

Pat R
3 years ago

This kind of classroom experience has produced spoiled liberals whose response to a challenge of their beliefs is to behave like the proverbial brat/bully. They’ve been and remain a protected class (by PC, hate-speech laws with liberal interpretations, and $$ support) who believe it is their right to tell others how to think, live, and behave. What they don’t realize is they themselves have been trained as puppets for the $$ supporters.

Marcia Fridland
3 years ago

Of course, a student smart enough to value Republican principles is also smart enough to conceal them from a liberal professor. Do those biased professors really think they are persuading intelligent college students to support policies that have already failed repeatedly when implemented in the past???

3 years ago

Exactly correct. Most of the young, college-aged people that I have spoken with over the years, are smart enough to understand that in order to get a passing grade in courses taught by ultra-liberal professors (which today is unfortunately most of professors employed in our colleges and universities), requires that they “play the game” (pretend to blindly agree with every piece of leftist nonsense the professor spews) to get a passing grade. None of them like having to do this, which they all view as cheapening the whole higher learning experience that so many of them are paying top dollar for, but they all realize the alternative is being failed in the course and the college administration always backing the leftist professor. Many of these young people view college as a sort of endurance test, that they have to just get through, in order to get the degree that will hopefully lead to a decent paying job and career.

The percentage of young, college-aged people that have survived the K-12 progressive public education indoctrination experience to reach college with both their critical thinking skills intact and an appreciation for what is described as “Republican values”, is about 10 to 12 percent of the overall Millennial or Gen Z population as whole from what I’ve seen over the years. These are the young people we, in our senior age group, should all be reaching out to both support and teach them further what they have never been taught in our corrupted public education system. The future of our country lies in the hands of all of us passing down the knowledge and hopefully wisdom to younger generations, if this nation is to survive as a Constitutionally-based representative republic and not become another failed, socialist democracy.

3 years ago

Unfortunately, making our conservative views known in the classroom would have as much chance of changing the inane, idiotic views of the liberals as their comments have on affecting us. It’s a losing position.

Richard A. Strohm
3 years ago

All conservatives should withhold any grants or funding for left leaning colleges and universities. They appear to not likes our views and therefore do not deserve our hard earned dollars!

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