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Nine Months After Dobbs, Leftist Doomsday Predictions Coming Up Empty

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan

Nine months after the release of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade and ended the 50-year reign of a Supreme Court-recognized right to abortion, the left’s nihilistic predictions about the impacts of the ruling have been debunked and discredited.

After Dobbs, the left emphatically insisted that more restrictions on elective abortions would only serve to increase the frequency of the practice. “Banning abortion is never going to stop abortion,” tweeted Katie Hobbs, the now-Governor of Arizona. “[T]he abortion bans we’re seeing… aren’t just ineffective, they’re harmful & dangerous.”

The Center for American Progress, a far-left think tank, echoed Hobbs’s sentiment. When abortion is banned nationwide, the group claimed, “the overall number of maternal deaths [will] rise by 24 percent.”

But data shows that, post-Dobbs, the number of abortions is indeed on the decline as state lawmakers move to protect life.

Earlier this year, it was reported that abortions in Texas—which has banned most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected—plummeted by an astounding 99 percent following the Dobbs ruling.

In August of 2022, the latest month for which data is available, just three abortions took place in the Lone Star State, “all of which were ‘medically necessary,’ according to statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission,” Fox News reported. “Compared with the 2,596 abortions recorded in the state in June 2022, the number in August represents a decrease of nearly 99%.”

Although these statistics fail to account for illegal or otherwise unreported abortions, the pro-life group Texas Right to Life has estimated that more than 5,000 unborn lives were saved in Texas last August—a testament to the efficacy of abortion bans and a remarkable achievement for those who champion the pro-life cause.

The trend of reduced abortion rates was further validated in a fall 2022 report published by the left-wing Society of Family Planning (SFP), which found that abortions have declined at a rate of about six percent nationally since Dobbs.

Even if the report’s numbers are to be taken at face value, a six percent drop in the nation’s abortion rate from 2020 numbers (the last year for which data is available) would equate to nearly 56,000 lives saved.

But as Catholic University professor Michael J. New noted, the data used in the analysis was retrieved directly from abortion providers rather than state health departments or government agencies—indicating that the actual figure could be significantly higher.

Additionally, as New writes, not only were several red states enforcing strong pro-life laws prior to the Dobbs decision the study also “fails to take into account that abortion numbers were already increasing in many politically liberal states” due to the easing of abortion restrictions in deep blue havens like Illinois and New York.

In short, Katie Hobbs and the pro-abortion activist mob were wrong—and abortion bans are indeed effective at saving unborn lives.

As such, pro-life advocates should remain encouraged and continue charting the path to cast out abortion on the state and local levels.

In addition to Texas—which has led the charge in the post-Roe fight to end abortion on the state level with its 2021 Texas Heartbeat Act—a plethora of other states have staked ground in the next phase of pro-life legal initiatives. Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota, and Tennessee have implemented near-total bans on abortion, while Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have also imposed bans, which are currently undergoing legal challenges.

Furthermore, North Dakota’s only abortion clinic departed the state, rendering the elective abortions completely unavailable. In Wisconsin, elective abortions are also currently unavailable entirely, although legal challenges are pending in state court.

Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Utah have implemented looser abortion restrictions—banning the practice after particular points in pregnancy—while bans imposed by other states like Indiana, Wyoming, and Ohio are currently blocked by state courts, but could be placed into effect in the near future.

As Catholic Bishop Robert Barron wrote several years ago, “In 1850, lots of good and thoughtful people defended the institution of slavery. Now, only insane people would.”

Today, he continued, “lots of decent and thoughtful people defend the pro-choice position. One can only hope that these recent [pro-life developments] will hasten the day when only insane people would.”

Pro-life advocates have long recognized that the end of Roe v. Wade would not by any means mark the end of the battle to dismantle the abortion regime and defend innocent life.

Instead, the fight to restore the right to life in America’s culture and courtrooms is only just beginning—and demands a new slate of fresh and exciting ideas, policy initiatives, and legal strategies as the conservative movement enters into the next chapter of pro-life activism.

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Robin W Boyd
1 month ago

All Leftist Progressive doomsday predictions fail to come about because they are all created only to keep citizens in a constant state of confusion and fear. They are not based on reality. They create false problems to claim we need them to fix those problems that never existed.

John A. Diaz
2 months ago

Every bill that the Democrats have passed and some with the cooperation of Republicans as they would say bipartisan which is a lie. Has been a failure.

2 months ago

Did any of these supporters of abortion think that maybe the return of Christ may be done the same way it was for Jesus? If abortion wins, humanity loses!

2 months ago

Thank you Lord for the men and women fighting for the unborn as they are making a huge difference.

gerald serlin
2 months ago
Reply to  Eric

The difference is that the mother’s right to choose is taken away. That is not good, or fair, as no third party has the right to choose what happens to another’s body. Abortion should be available everywhere for every mother who chooses to have that choice.

David Millikan
2 months ago

ddd, we can tell by your comments that you never graduated kindergarten.

2 months ago

Be thankful your mother chose not to abort you!

David Millikan
2 months ago

Just like their Doom and Gloom over Global Warming LIE. They come up Empty.
Take a look at ALL the Record Cold temperatures and Snow back East and California drenched in snow and rain. Britain colder than Finland.
Yup. The earth is melting from Global Warming according to their Doom and Gloom.
They need to lay down before they hurt themselves.

Thom Tschaar
2 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan


Neal M Christensen
2 months ago

The vast majority of abortions are done for the sake of convenience.

gerald serlin
2 months ago

I don’t know how you know that, but it is the mother’s right to choose that convenience.

2 months ago

No Matter who says what or does whatever they want Abortion is still Murdering Innocent and Helpless Babies and for profit!!!!! This is the MOST UNCOMPRHENSIBLE CRIME EVER CREATED!!!!! Those Who Abort Babies, be it Mothers and/or Abortion Clinics are MURDERS, Which is Punishable by Life in Prison or a Death Sentence!!!!!! The Rule of Law MUST be Upheld!!!!!

Ann S
2 months ago

Those who are pro abortion want to murder the people who are pro life. See here Jane Fonda.
I call that genocide through legal means.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ann S

Hanoi jane’s comments are worth the breath it took to say them. She should have been put to death 60 years ago for treason. But then so should most of the demorats and RINOs in Washington.

2 months ago

Instead of screaming and yelling about the supposed problems this event has caused certain people, maybe Democrats should consider discussing how not to get pregnant and, therefore, having unwanted pregnancies and then killing fetuses who have no voice because you decided you don’t want the child you have created!! There are many couples who would love to adopt your baby if you would keep it to term!! But, I’m sure that anyone who has an unwanted pregnancy, they can find a way to get that abortion just like criminals will still find ways to buy guns and drugs even if they were illegal and the criminals aren’t supposed to have them!!!

2 months ago

The left has a long, long history of lying to push a political agenda. Why would one expect them to act differently in this case? It’s all about fear mongering to voters who neither understand the issue at hand nor have any interest in understanding what State’s Rights actually means. The left needs a dumbed down society in order to gain and maintain power, so don’t expect them to push either better education for the public or the truth behind anything anytime soon. We live in a completely bifurcated society. The result of decades of laziness and apathy from what used to be the majority of Americans. Actions, or in this case inaction of the last 50 years, has had significant consequences.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

This way, they can say all opposing views about the situation are from liars too!, even if they are not lies at all. And there are extreme sides on both sides. I consider any abortion murder.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Lyin biden epitomizes this thought.

Robert Grabowski
2 months ago

Instead of a false prediction, here is some real historical truth:
The abortionists are walking around spewing lies while 63 million of their innocent victims are dead.

George Washington's Admirer
2 months ago

Communist Agenda hasn’t skipped a heartbeat. From Kindergarten to Elementary School to High School to Grad school; propaganda is permeating the minds of our young. Communists work to bring a chasm between parents and their children. Communist Agenda is about destroying: Belief in God, Destroying the American Family, Destroying the American Flag, Destroying Reverence for Our Founding Fathers, Destroying the Constitution, Destroying Our History, Destroying Statues of Presidents George Washington and Jefferson and all of the first ten Presidents and even more! They haven’t skipped a beat. Communists continue to destroy LIFE and sacred institutions with their mind and body sterilization techniques. Communist propaganda rooted in the public school system, and on Mainstream Media must somehow come to an end. It is delivered on a silver platter coated with sugar and spice and everything nice; at the root of which is CYANIDE! May God Save & Protect These United States of America!

2 months ago

I remember a time not too long ago that the United States fought communism fervently, and we were taught in school the dangers of a regime steeped in a communist agenda. In fact, at the time I was unaware of politics completely, yet still remember hearing about the evils of Russia

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

She is right. You will never stop abortions. Right or wron,what it all boiks down to is the three involved. The woman,doctor and a judge that dont set on a supreme court. Kyle L.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

No, there is a FOURTH: God almighty!

zoe frost
2 months ago

“Abortions in Texas…plummeted by an astounding 99 percent…”

It would be interesting to have data on pregnancies prior to and after rollout of the jabs…it’s been suggested that the experimental mRNA mystery concoction shot (that’s not a vaccine despite expletive’s changing the definition) has caused/causes infertility and/or miscarriages. (A not-pregnant female, or one who miscarried doesn’t need an abortion.)

2 months ago

Using birth control, including sterility will solve the problem if you don’t want children but are unable to stop dropping on your back for anyone that wanders by. Sorry for the bluntness, I live in reality.

zoe frost
2 months ago
Reply to  Jeri

See earlier comment…the experimental mRNA injection may take care of “unwanted pregnancy” whether it’s what’s wanted…or not.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  Jeri

You are too polite and it is also about the spread of infections

2 months ago

Just like global warming, climate change, and all the other democrat depraved mind ideas.

Sharon Ormsby
2 months ago

I love the state of Texas. We actually voted on this abortion ban and it passed. As far as women suing the state, fat chance on their winning. The one case, all the doctor had to do was a simple D&C, not an abortion, for a woman who miscarried, IF it was needed at all, whose water had broken at 19 weeks. This would be a medical necessity. Most, don’t need a D&C. It would NOT be an abortion. No other case mentioned what the case was. As a former OB Gyn nurse on a antepartum and postpartum floor, I know of what I speak. I also went through this type of miscarriage myself.

Ron St. Martin
2 months ago

With the Supreme Court decision, it gave States more control, the way it was meant to be. This decision means that The People’s Republic of California can’t tell the rest of us what to do!

Joey Mize
2 months ago
Reply to  Ron St. Martin

RON,,,,, that is a great response… I am totally on board with that one as well as most all the others.
So what is wrong with each state making the final decision with regard to constituents who live and pay taxes in that state? HUH??? I want to have some input into what goes on in my state. Yes Thank God for all those states with Governors who stand for the people. All ya’ll others better get on board 2024 is comin. Or maybe just move to Californication, and take yo waterwings wid you.

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