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Is Bibi Coming Back?

AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman

Benjamin Netanyahu

Preoccupied with news from Ukraine, the U.S. media has mostly ignored a developing story in Israel where a member of its parliament, the Knesset, suddenly left the majority coalition last week to join the opposition.

The defection is significant because the coalition which currently governs the Jewish state had only a one-seat majority. The resulting tie in the Knesset means that should one more member defect from the coalition, a parliamentary vote of no confidence would occur, and there would be an immediate new national election. Three polls taken after the defection indicate that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party has now made a comeback with voters and would win 35-38 seats (up from their current 30 seats). Along with Likud’s three religious party allies, the coalition would be close to a 61-seat majority if the conservative party (which allied with them previously) rejoined them in a new government.

Mr. Netanyahu is still the leader of Likud, which is the largest party in the Knesset. Although he remains a controversial figure in and out of his party, he almost certainly would become prime minister again if the Likud coalition won a new election.

Israel’s longest-serving leader, Netanyahu, was defeated last year by a coalition of disaffected conservative, centrist, and socialist parties led by Yair Lapid, who became the foreign minister. Naftali Bennett was named prime minister as part of the coalition negotiations.

The unprecedented left-to-right government, led by Mr. Bennett and composed of 8 political parties, has survived for a year, but with such diverse ideologies and special interests, it was often speculated that it could not last long, especially after Joe Biden took office. Mr. Biden, like fellow Democratic President Barack Obama, was no friend of Mr. Netanyahu and of Israel’s interests vis-à-vis Iran. The new Israeli government said it would, and tried to, “repair” the rift with U.S. Democrats, but President Biden, along with his close advisor and former Secretary of State John Kerry, continues to negotiate a renewal of a discredited agreement with Iran that Israel strongly opposes (as do most Americans).

Recent Democratic administrations’ treatment of Israel – the United States’ oldest and most important ally in the Middle East – and disregard for Israel’s national security interests (namely preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons) has probably contributed much to the changing political mood in Israel where Netanyahu, in spite of his personal controversies, is evidently perceived as the strongest figure in protecting Israeli security.

Complicating this political environment is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. While he was prime minister, Mr. Netanyahu developed a working relationship with Mr. Putin regarding Syria, a Russian ally, which Iran has attempted to use as a forward outpost for its attacks on Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu was successful in obtaining Putin’s o.k. to fly over Syrian air space to destroy movements of Iranian-supplied hostile troops and weaponry. Mr. Bennett has continued this relationship.

The population of Israel also includes a very large number of Ukrainian and Russian Jews who came to Israel over the past century fleeing czarist, Nazi, and Soviet persecutions. Many have relatives who still live in Ukraine (which today has more than 200,000 Jews). The “hero” of Ukraine, its feisty President Volodymyr Zelensky, is himself Jewish and the grandson of a Holocaust survivor. Most Israelis sympathize with Ukraine.

The bulk of the U.S. and Israeli media do not like Mr. Netanyahu (primarily because he is a free-market conservative). “Bibi’s” trial for alleged corruption drags on and on. Likud’s recent rise in the public opinion polls might not last. The current Israeli government, now in political limbo, is still in charge. Results of another election, if there is one, are months ahead.

But “Bibi” Netanyahu, only a few months removed from when he was consigned to a political wastebasket, suddenly and again looms large over the nation, which gave the world so much biblical drama long ago.

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4 months ago

Bibi was born for such a time as this. He is the consummate leader, a military man who understands the never ending attacks on Israel and no doubt it’s amazing history; and I have no doubt that God choses His leaders to lead His people.

Mario Capparuccini
1 year ago

What did Bibi do exactly while Prime Minister? Only that he worked with President Trump to help secure peace with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. That he is disliked by the media is a badge of honor. May Almighty God grant that both Bibi and Donald Trump come back to office and that the satanic Obiden administration go into the trash heap where it belongs.

Judy K.
1 year ago

Important things are happening. The Hunter ‘laptop’ investigation and the ties of Burden to the corruption, a few states elections procuring Conservative Republicans winning, Odrama making an emergency morality boost appearance at the White House showing the world the week kneed Progressive Party crumbling, and leaving Burden turning circles looking for hands to shake, and none there, and Elon Musk’s venture to purchase Twitter to restore freedom of speech, and now the return of the man who has the strongest Conservative influence in the Middle East, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu! I have great respect for him. The one moment in recent history that stands out in my mind about him is when he spoke at the United Nations and rebuked the Member Leaders there for their purposeful negligent and lack of support for Israel. He stood at that podium and glared down everyone of them as they squirmed in their seats for the nearly three whole minutes of silence in that chamber. Bibi is a strong confident leader and I do hope he does take back his rightful position as the Prime Minister of Israel. God bless Israel, and may God restore America back to him so he will bless our nation once again as well.
‘Our God is an awesome God,’ and greatly to be praised!’ Thank you Lord ‘for your mercie endureth forever.’ In Jesus name, and for his sake, Amen.

Judy K.
1 year ago
Reply to  Judy K.


1 year ago

Bibs did not make mean tweets, that I am aware of, but he has a similar attitude to Trump’s. Snowflakes need warm and fuzzy and Trump and Bibi do not deliver warm and fuzzy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeb

Bibi, I do dislike autocorrect, I swear it changes spellings after I press post, I promise I proofread at least twice.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeb

Same here.

1 year ago

Not living in Israel, it’s difficult for me to speak positively about their politics. From all I’ve read through the years, Bibi was a good PM. I always compared him to Trump. Both were tough and decisive. I don’t see that in the current Israeli government. Of course, in America, we have Biden. (Pause for a round of laughter). Biden is the only world leader who can walk and talk in 6 directions at once, not have a clue where he is or where he is going, make no sense, and get nowhere. Like watching a wind-up doll that goes in circles but has the same IQ.

Philip Hammersley
1 year ago

Bibi lost his office based on a phony scandal just like DJT and his opponents are trying to pass laws to prohibit his return, just like the “J6 Committee” is trying on DJT. Both leaders love their country and are fighting swamps!

1 year ago

Actually, this may actually be a sure thing to happen. There have been many people receiving prophesies from God regarding our election being stolen and Israel. I realize not everyone will agree on God speaking to us that way, but in the Old Testament, God never did anything without first warning the people to change their ways through prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Job, before any taking action. There is one girl, a minister named Julie Green, on You Tube, that has given the word that “Bibi” would be returning as the Israeli prime minister very soon. When she says things like this, she always says God is giving you the news before the news. Take it for what it’s worth, I’m only saying here what I have heard through this girl. It will happen soon! As a side to this information, she has been right very often.

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