Elizabeth Warren: Our Justice System Is ‘Racist, All the Way, Front to Back.’

Elizabeth Warren speaking justice system racist front backYou think you have a tough job this morning? Imagine being the guy who has to organize “Cops for Warren 2020” in a year or so.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, speaking at Dillard University in New Orleans this weekend:

“Let’s just start with the hard truth about our criminal justice system,” she railed. “It’s racist. It is. And when I say our system, I mean all the way. I mean front to back. This is not just sentencing reform we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the front end on what you declare to be illegal on how you enforce it, on who gets arrested.”

“Racist all the way, front to back,” is a really surprising and troubling thing to hear about a system that was, until 18 months ago, effectively headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and before her, Eric Holder, appointed and accountable to the nation’s first African-American president. A system that has 214 African-American federal judges125 of Latino or Hispanic heritage, 41 Asian-Americans, and three Native Americans. A system that has at least 400 black prosecutors(although far too few elected ones).  A system where 27 percent of the officers and police personnel are members of minority groups, as of 2013, the most recent year data are available. Do all of these people feel like they are cogs in the “racist all the way, front to back” machine?

Does she think her potential rival, former Massachusetts governor and assistant attorney general Deval Patrick was part of a racist system? How about former district attorney and state attorney general Kamala Harris?

Wait a minute . . .  Holder, Patrick, and Harris have all made noise about running for president. Say, Warren’s across-the-board denunciation of the entire American criminal justice system wouldn’t be a subtle early attempt to paint all of three potential African-American rivals as suspect, having spent long chunks of their careers in this system, would it?

It’s not like Elizabeth Warren ever said or did something cynical about race to get ahead, right?

If Warren believes what she’s saying, and this isn’t just careless incendiary rhetoric, the only logical conclusion is that all of the prosecutions and incarcerations in recent memory are at least suspect and likely unjust.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Jim Geraghty

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Martin K
4 years ago

There is one problem at least in Portland where the police stand by and do nothing against Antifa

Jim Arial
4 years ago

Sen Warren claims to be part Indian and uses that to her political advantage. Isn’t that “racist”?

4 years ago

Ol Pocahontas, who claims she’s got Indian blood in her. The only relation to Indian is if she owns a jeep Cherokee which likely other Indians own. I have seen British women who look like her. She’s fake front and back!

4 years ago

I’m a Democ rat. So why are you bothering me with the facts?

Ted Buckley
4 years ago

Warren needs to resign. Her rants are not news worthy and mostly un-American. She has done nothing as a US Senator to help the American peoples’ way of life. She has not earned her paycheck !!!!

4 years ago

We don’t have a problem with the criminal justice system being racist. The problem with that is a higher percentage of blacks commit the more serious crimes. If we can ever get our country back from people like Warren, we need to get the media to report the race of people who commit the really bad crimes when they do their news cast. Then you’ll see the real picture of what’s going on. The only racism that’s going on in the justice dept. is the hatred for the President. And then, for liberals like Warren, that’s the way racists think. The problem is everywhere, inside their little minds.

Darlene Spicer
4 years ago

Good articles you have and a big thanks for the statistics quoted that we can count on to be the truth.

4 years ago

POCAHONTAS IS INSANE! What does this have to do with representing her constituents? Why is she still in the Senate doing nothing but causing trouble for President Trump and drawing a taxpayer paycheck?? And taxpayers probably picked up the tab for her lunatic tour of New Orleans! What kind of people vote for these idiots? Other morons?

4 years ago

Warren is a fool and clearly early onset of senility has set in!

Darius Medea
4 years ago

Additionally, in my opinion, Elizabeth “pocahontas” is a real nutcase socialist democrab who wants to destroy this country.

4 years ago

Respect the efforts of mature and wise people at amac and other conservative organizations. Helps me to stay connected. To many people stay clueless on what’s happening. Thankyou

Amelia Little
4 years ago

I wonder if she’s going to claim having experienced judicial injustice herself–being an American Indian descendant (cough cough.) Or is she going include things like–politicians who have cards to present to law enforcement to avoid even a ticket for traffic infractions–up to and including drunk driving? Or, even using their elite political status to get relatives or even friends off the hook? Or, how about the judicial system that seems to be cracking down hard on a man on things he did (or maybe did) long before he associated with President Trump, meanwhile–ho-hum about the high ranking government officials who aren’t having to face anything? Hmmm, hilary clinton comes to mind. And comey and rosenstein and ever mueller himself. Don’t want to answer any questions? Ask strzok and lynch and lerner and staffers under them how to get away without answering questions, and not even get hit with contempt of court. Why, yes, ms warren, there is a problem with our justice system–more top than front to back.

Bev K
4 years ago

She should just crawl under a rock somewhere. I’m sick and tired of these people. Grand standing and pissed off all the time.
My question is: if they get back in control of the country and we, the conservative ( common sense) side of things don’t like it, can we act like they do, like spoiled children who throw a tantrum until they get what they want?

4 years ago

The radical left are narcissistic, its always about how they are victims and have been wronged. Get a life before its over.

4 years ago

She is a twisted opportunist. Her election is all that matters to her. The “System” follows the written law, rules of evidence, witnesses, elements of the crime, and has multiple points of independent decision including the police, evidence/law, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, jurors, appeals to new system members, and if you can align that like she wishfully thinks – you be God! She is an embarrassment, does not speak the truth, and flaunts her rhetoric as fact. Not what we need in Congress!

4 years ago

Well Lizzy One Feather…perhaps the reason is the history of the Dem Jackass Party and their own love of racist acts and progressive control freak ways…Padding the justice system and buying laws is the way the DNC operates, since most of their catch 22 legislature is deceptive and publicly rejected…..

4 years ago

Democrats are always there to create a victim class. Black against white, rich against poor, male against female, the list goes on. It’s the only way democrats can make themselves relevant.

Julian Grimes
4 years ago

Pocahontas strikes again. Police Officers and Firemen are some of the least respected and poorest paid public employees in the US. To denounce the entire justice system shows her stupidity and disregard for this overwhelmingly good, responsible group of men and women. Wonder who she calls when someone is breaking into one of her homes.

Douglas Helms
4 years ago

As Mark Twain would say – Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

4 years ago

why would a person from a shithole come to another racist shithole?

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