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Conservatives on Verge of Victory in Culture War

AMAC Exclusive – By Daniel Berman


In 2023, something that has not happened for decades is occurring: Conservatives are on the verge of victory in the “culture wars.”

One of the most common questions posed to students is whether history is driven by great men or wider social forces. It is hard to watch coverage of so-called “woke” issues in 2023 without reaching the conclusion that some greater social shift is at work. Something has changed.

It is no longer just conservative outlets shouting about “CRT” or “men in women’s bathrooms.” The New York Times, a bastion of liberal respectability, is running weekly articles questioning schools hiding student transitioning from parents. Left-wing, African American professors are telling tales of being canceled by students. Five Democrat State Representatives in Connecticut have proposed banning the use of the word “Latinx” by the state.

The idea that wokeness has gone too far is not just a conservative view. Increasingly it is becoming a mainstream one among many moderate liberals. The question is whether conservatives, who are used to losing, can adapt to the unexpected vindication and consolidate their victory, or will instead alienate those who are rapidly moving toward their side.

It is important to put what is happening in context. The backlash against excessive identity politics in general, and the “purity” approach the left adopted in the 2010s is real and broad. It can be seen in the failure to boycott the newest Harry Potter game over charges of “transphobia” by its creator, J. K. Rowling, and the backlash against the bullying tactics online against anyone who did not join. It is evident in the almost universal revulsion with which HBO’s woke Scooby Doo remake “Velma” has been met, with even left-wing outlets suggesting the show is anti-white, a charge which was considered a “racist dog-whistle” a few years before.

Perhaps more stunningly, the New York Times recently published an op-ed entitled “What Liberals can Learn from Ron DeSantis” suggesting that the Florida governor’s attacks on politicalized curriculum might have a point. The pivot by the Times is particularly notable. When its coverage of trans issues was condemned in an open letter by a collection of contributors and advocacy groups who questioned not its accuracy but its political impact, the Times not only refused to bend but shot back. “We do not welcome, and will not tolerate, participation by Times journalists in protests organized by advocacy groups or attacks on colleagues on social media and other public forums,” declared executive editor Joe Kahn. To ensure the point could not be missed, on the day following the release of the letter, the Op-Ed page featured an article entitled, “In Defense of J.K. Rowling.”

These seemingly isolated incidents reflect a broader pattern of liberals and left-wingers themselves turning against and even laughing at the positions and attitudes they promoted for years.

Watching these second thoughts, there is a strong temptation among conservatives to gloat, mocking these liberals and leftists who never considered that the excesses of wokism would turn against them. This reaction would be justified and understandable, as would scorning these late converts who have only seen the light when the darkness smacked them in the face. These arguments have been made on the right about Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling who, though a committed liberal, has clashed with the trans movement and Labour’s far-left former leader Jeremy Corbyn. She is not a conservative, but has shown the fractures within the liberal establishment.

While understandable, gloating is a foolish approach for conservatives. To quote an old saying, “a conservative is a liberal mugged by reality.” To put that in a more realistic setting, imagine telling New York Democrat voters that they deserved high crime rates or to be mugged because of the candidates they voted for. That is only slightly less offensive than the left-wing suggestion that the crime they suffered is atonement for their privilege built on the backs of white supremacy and capitalist exploitation. Both suggestions are unproductive.

This is not to say that the connections should be ignored or denied. But the election results in New York this year, where Republican Lee Zeldin won 47%, and Republicans gained enough U.S. House seats in the state to win a majority nationally, demonstrated that many voters are aware of the causal relationship between their votes and public policy.

The key point is to avoid the moral charge that a person’s voting behavior or beliefs mean they deserved outcomes like violent crime. No one deserves to be a victim of crime, which is why conservatives oppose policies which promote crime. In a similar vein, no one deserves to be canceled for their beliefs, which is why conservatives oppose cancel culture.

One reason there is a tendency to relapse in schadenfreuden when ex-liberals become victims of their own policies is that the political stakes are often so low. While liberals have been being mugged by reality for decades, the number has generally been too low to swing the electoral tide. Misery loves company, and so does political impotence, so there is a strong temptation to respond to their realization with “join the club.”

Occasionally, something different happens and a critical mass has second thoughts sufficient to change the course of politics. America and Britain saw that in the 1970s. The excesses of the 1960s when it came to unrest in cities, protest movements, and attacks on all forms of authority and values provoked a backlash. While this backlash involved a genuinely socially conservative element, especially with an engaged evangelical community in the U.S., that was itself powered by converts. The Reagan and Thatcher Revolutions would not have been possible without discontented liberals who staffed those movements, right up to the candidates themselves, including the former Democrat Reagan.

Those conservative revolutions were also defined, like most politics in Western societies, by majority culture. The Reagan Revolution of the 1980s may have represented a restoration of American greatness and values, but it did not represent a reversal of the changes of the 1950s. It was led by people who recognized that there had been a reason why the 1960s had happened. It had not been a conspiracy by Communists or Marxists which had triggered the existence of a civil rights movement, or allowed women into the workplace, but actual injustices which ideological opportunists hijacked. The conservative movement of the 1970s-90s featured Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas, which would have been unthinkable in the 1950s.

If the 2020s are to represent a similar conservative revolution, then there needs to be a reckoning with what that should look like. It will involve keeping the changes to what didn’t work in 1992, while rejecting the excesses which allowed for the restoration. The degradation of social and gender norms has created a lost generation, where teenage boys feel isolated, and men feel they are not valued, and where an increasing number of Americans resent the role they are ascribed in racial grievance politics. This drives insularity, and a desperate search for identity or escape, whether in gender or ideology.

But at the same time, we do not want merely to restore the norms of the 1990s. The world has changed.

Conservatives are in a unique position in 2023. After decades of society silencing and dismissing social conservatism, suddenly large segments of the population are willing to concede that conservatives may have had a point about a few things. They are willing to listen. That provides a chance not just to win an election or two, but to forge a new national consensus which the Democrat Party will be forced to abide by while in office, because it will be unable to win office without doing so. Ronald Reagan won 49 states, and while Bill Clinton won, he was forced to accept the Reagan Revolution as legitimate in order to do so. That meant that even when he won, the changes Reagan instituted were not undone.

Changing culture cannot be done with one election or laws. It requires changing the center of gravity of both parties so that it does not matter which wins a specific election. Toward that end, social conservatives need to recognize that while these issues can be used to help Republicans win, and perhaps should be, there is a bigger prize at stake: the culture itself. And specifically, converting the Democrat Party. It will not change America if a Republican defeats a Democrat for state senate in Texas running on the banning of “Latinx.” It will change the country if Democrat legislators in a blue state like Connecticut call for the term to be banned.

Daniel Berman is a frequent commentator and lecturer on foreign policy and political affairs, both nationally and internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He also writes as Daniel Roman.

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3 months ago

What has wokeness done for blacks. Nothing. Just like every other liberal attempt to
support minorities. The left pretends to protect minorities and has done nothing for them
other than waste trillions of taxpayer dollars. The best thing for minorities is to get rid of
the left and tell them to kiss off. The problem is that minorities don’t have any committment to help
themselves. They only hope for others to take care of them. That attitiude will accomplish
nothing ever. Until they get off their butts, I certainly don’t care what what happens to them.

3 months ago

My current bumper states “Fully Awake but Not Woke”.
I love what conservatives are doing to the “woke” word ( ie Desantis)
I want to beat it to death. Soon, however, the libs will come out
with another term to describe their followers. And we must beat that one to
death also.

3 months ago

Gawd, this site is terrible.

Dr. Trent Saxton
3 months ago

Excellent article

Steven Manning
3 months ago

Wokeness good is revealed as weakness liberalism is not liberal at all but instead result in lost freedom and enslavement to bad ideas propagated by bad actors race baiters propagandists, socialists and globalists bent on expanding control over everything with evil intentions. Now we can see the tragic consequences we will naturally reject the madness or continue suffering the consequences!

3 months ago

The cultural war is won when racial preservation becomes the guiding principle instead of today’s guiding principles of racial nihilism of whites and racial supremacy of nonwhites.

3 months ago
Reply to  tempus

I disagree. As long as race is an issue, the culture war has not been won.

3 months ago
Reply to  Steven

Obviously, you are a racial nihilist and a believer in the new morality of sacrificing your own race for the benefit of other races. Moreover, you must lack pride in and honor for your ancestors. Furthermore, you must not care about the races that God created and see no need to preserve them. In other words, you promote genocide via amalgamation.

Dr. Trent Saxton
3 months ago
Reply to  tempus

There is only OME race, get over your bias

3 months ago

Another victim of wokeism. Another person who wants to genocide Blacks. Most Blacks would disagree with you.

James Aronson
3 months ago

If there is progress on the cultural war by conservatives, my fear is it is too little too late.

3 months ago
Reply to  James Aronson


Michael Carpenter
3 months ago

Sadly, given the Republicans just reinstalled the same….’leadership'(?) that brought us the debacle that was the ’22’ Mid-Terms, it seems they are still faithful to their longstanding Hallmark of snatching defeat from the very jaws of certain victory!
If DeSantis should enter the race, while Trump is still a candidate, I will be certain of it.

3 months ago

I agree, the “party elitists” will have to be fumigated before anything of substance will change.

Robert Laford
3 months ago

Lord help us!

Jeff Savlov
3 months ago

This s a concise article and explains what must be done to bring our country back from the brink, but we must not forget that some of the problems that we face today have been fed by those who call themselves Conservatives but in actual fact are survivalists. Those politicians who are more interested in retaining their seats in congress like Mitch McConnell who is not a true Conservative Republican but an individual who is bound to he status quo, a single party government acting under two party names. This is why term limits and cutbacks in congressional incomes and pensions must be shoved firmly down their throats.

3 months ago

Great article and articulated very well.

Neal M Christensen
3 months ago

Moderate liberal seems like an oxymoron to me.

Michael Carpenter
3 months ago

While it’s true moderate Liberals are extinct within the Progressive Democrat party, many exist in the Independent Party, with a few even in the Republican Party. Some Moderate Liberals have attempted to join the Progressive Democrat Party, but, like Gillibrand, soon realize they are not welcome until they are willing to advocate for Socialism at least.

David Millikan
3 months ago

Excellent article.
“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

3 months ago

We need more people to wake up. These woke ideas are destroying lives and livelyhoods. Lots of people rapidly accept change with the assumption that change is good. However many are seeing how things have gone way too far wihtout any positive results, in fact the results have been down right terrifying. Men competing in womens sports, men using womens restrooms and locker rooms, the history of our country being erased, children being coereced into changing their sexual identity, economic turmoil, mob violence that is not addressed, the demoralization of law enforcement and military, suppression of parental involvement in their childrens education, and a lack of freedom in choosing things like housing or automobiles or stoves, or even plastic bags or straws. Change can be good but we should know it when we see it.

Stukahna Sandbahr
3 months ago
Reply to  NewDay

1) There are people who still don’t know what “woke” means because the term’s not mentioned on the evening news. 2) Dumb masses will just vote in others with a “D” after the name.

3 months ago

Never should have let them get as far as they did!

Casey C Matt
3 months ago

When, and they wont, the Republicans ban together and call for an end to “nation building wars”, then and only then will I believe there even are two distinct political parties. I honestly believe there is one party and it is run by giant corporations that always massively profit from war and then from funds provided to supposedly clean up after said wars.
The United States has allowed itself to be the biggest slave of these corporations and both party members get kick backs from the corporations to maintain their fealty to the corporate ideal…..meaning profit by any and all means.

Rob citizenship
3 months ago

Very good, important article Daniel Berman , encouraging too. I believe that the next to the last paragraph puts the matter in perspective , how Bill Clinton needed to accept the reality of the accomplishments made by President Ronald Reagan, and what was planted during the Reagan administration took root and grew to be something significant . So , that being a fact what Conservatives at this time should do is to build on the ideas that strengthen the spirit of the American ideals that are respected , because those ideals are right and honorable . Victory for those of us who believe in the spirit of what the Declaration of Independence was all about, those of us who recognize that the Constitution is a source of great strength and that there is responsibility to defend all that is good when under attack by evil . Courage, and respect for the will of God, being resourceful and thinking in a highly intelligent way will make it possible to prevail . In the spirit of respect for truth, courage, Liberty.

3 months ago

Sometimes I find it difficult to follow the rational of posted articles. Some indicate that the problem is Democrats, some indicate that the problem is liberals, some say it’s the left. Might I interject another possible reason? We have witnessed 3 generations of American children, who have suffered “growing up” rather than being raised. There is a very big difference. Growing up has involved mom and dad working to keep up with inflation while kids are getting their values from Tik Tok, day care, computer games, etc. Raising a family involves being present to teach your children the value of a dollar by learning how to work for that PC game. Earn an allowance by keeping your room clean. Extra cash for bringing home an A. Or heaven forbid that you would dare to introduce your child to Jesus Christ. If parents aren’t present in a child’s life, then school can teach them anything they want and that has resulted in many of the adults we see today.

Mario Capparuccini
3 months ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

You are absolutely correct. My wife and I were fortunate to be able to live on my salary while she stayed home to raise our four children and homeschool them. And yes, we did introduce them to Jesus Christ. For sixty years, Jesus has been banned from the public arena. Our children are taught that they are biological accidents, with no ultimate truth or meaning in life. Is there any question why we have so much violence, sexual debauchery, and drug use today?

3 months ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Good points. When we were young the family had dinner together. There was at least a chance then that parents could find out what teachers were saying.

3 months ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Well said, Elizabeth.

3 months ago

Beware of Trojan horses. You can tell the character of a politician not by what they say, but by what they do!

3 months ago
Reply to  1971Titan

That’s right. Woke is becoming unpopular so the Dems back off and try a different strategy. The idea that they may have gained some wisdom is dreamland. They are motivated by power and control.

3 months ago

Good article. But what about our Colorado Governor Polis who wants to be President is saying very smoothly -we need to control crime. yes, of course. But he got us in this mess. dont we need to hold these people accountable before they persuade the national population that they are the good guy?

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