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Retirement 48

Tell Your Representatives That The Democrats’ Capital Gain Tax Increase Will Hurt America’s Seniors

Walorski 34

Breaking: Rep. Walorski Blasts Cradle to Grave Government in $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

iowa 158

Breaking: Biden Capital Gains Taxes To Wipe Out Iowa Farmers

conservatives 1

Conservatives Oppose More Small Business Audits

reagan 12

Celebrating 40 Years of the Reagan Tax Cuts

Biden 16

Biden’s Tax and Spend Agenda Hitting Roadblocks

Speech 6

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Top Five Most Harmful Biden Economic Policies

costs 19

The Socialist $3.5 Trillion ‘Spend-A-Thon’ Will Impact the Average American

Economic 36

Breaking: New Study Exposes Biden Tax Lies about Trump Tax Cuts


Is an Infrastructure Deal Close? What Democrats Want and How They (Don’t) Plan to Pay for it.