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AMAC Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit conservative advocacy organization, was created to support AMAC by advancing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures and at the local level through grassroots advocacy. Participation is a benefit of AMAC membership.

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AMAC Supports the No Social Security for Illegal Aliens Act of 2020, H.R. 5577

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Should Social Security be transformed into “welfare?” AMAC says “No.”


AMAC Supports bill to prevent the “double dipping” of Unemployment Insurance and Disability Programs

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AMAC Reviews “Social Security 2100 Act”

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AMAC Supports Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act

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AMAC Action’s Capitol Hill Update


AMAC Supports Legislation to Protect Children from Social Security Card Theft


AMAC Submission to the House Ways & Means Committee, Social Security Subcommittee


AMAC Supports Legislation to Keep the Promises of Medicare and Social Security for Seniors

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‘Stingy’ Increase in Social Security Benefits Puts New Focus on the Need For a Better System, Says AMAC Chief Dan Weber