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AMAC Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit conservative advocacy organization, was created to support AMAC by advancing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures and at the local level through grassroots advocacy. Participation is a benefit of AMAC membership.


AMAC Supports Bill to Impose Sanctions on Drug Cartels

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AMAC Supports POTUS Memorandum on Governors’ Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery

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AMAC Supports Bill to Apply Transparency and Accountability to Federal Budgeting Process


Recordings of AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Radio Programs Now Available for On-Demand Access

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AMAC Supports the Major Medical Facility Authorization Act

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AMAC at the White House as President Trump Announces New Plan to Lower Insulin Costs


AMAC Supports Bill to Protect Veteran-Owned Small Businesses


A Counterbalance to the False Narratives About Gun Ownership


AMAC Supports Bill to Outlaw Deceptive Healthcare Marketing


AMAC Supports Bill to Protect Business Opportunities for Veterans