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End Caravan Madness – Tell the Untold Truth


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The best way to end the current caravan mess – and an endless parade of poor, largely uneducated and misdirected Central American migrants to our southern border –is to start with untold truths.

Here is a primer – one that you will not see anywhere else.

First, the President is right – deterrence does work.  Empirically, as most Americans quietly know, rules are worthless without credible enforcement.  By contrast, consistent enforcement deters behaviors that would contravene well-understood rules.  Accordingly, in whatever way required to assure credibility, the US border must be protected, laws enforced, border reinforced.

That is only step one.  Step two is diplomatic.  The US must send seasoned diplomats to Mexico to help incoming Mexico leaders address some nagging truths.  For example, left unchecked at Mexico’s southern border, Central American – soon Venezuelan – hoards will disrupt Mexican rule of law.  The best way to help Mexico – and the US, in the process – is to secure Mexico’s southern border.

More diplomacy:  The US should share relevant intelligence with Mexican officials about who the so-called “caravans” really are – and how they undermine security throughout Mexico, and will at the Mexican-US border.  They are heavily penetrated by drug trafficking groups, identifiable gangs, transnational criminal groups, and represent a venue terrorists are eyeing.

Similarly, working out a sustainable mechanism for special asylum cases – ones that may fit the definition of a well-founded, specific fear of persecution under US law – is worth the effort; if Mexico can segregate such cases, hold claimants until cases can be processed on the US side, a degree of order can attach to these special cases.  Nevertheless, limits attach to number of cases annually accepted in the US.

But the biggest issue is one that is NOWHERE in the US press.  It is a big one.  This is the biggest reason that most asylum claimants have NO CHANCE of asylum in the US:  Latin American countries and United States law define justified asylum completely differently.

This is a huge, unexplained and yet critical issue.  It is not being explained to average Americans – or to the average caravan member from Central America.  So here is the MOST inconvenient truth of all:  Mexico and virtually all of Latin America signed the 1984 Cartagena Declaration on Refugees, a document that fundamentally expanded the meaning of a refugee – for those countries.  The US and much of the world does not abide that definition.  They abide the 1951 definition of refugee.

What is the difference? Well, the 1951 definition required that anyone applying for refugee status have a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion…” in their country of origin. 

In effect, this 1951 definition – which the US uses – means that an applicant for refugee status be specifically targeted by the origin country.  If not specifically targeted, or if not within that country when allying, the scales tip hard against getting into the US.  Obviously, that means just coming from a corrupt, poor, lawless, or otherwise unsavory country does not allow an applicant refugee status in the US.

Notably, these Central American refugees are no longer within the country of origin – from which they claim to be escaping – when they are in Mexico.  That also reduces their changes of admission to the US.

But the definition of refugee is completely different in Mexico and Latin America.  The Cartagena Declaration and later documents expand the definition of refugee.  Unlike the 1951 definition used by the US, these countries allow the grant of “refugee” status within their borders if the person has “fled their countries because their lives, safety, or freedom have been threatened by generalized violence, foreign aggression, internal conflicts, massive violation of human rights or other circumstances which have seriously disturbed public order.” 

This difference is enormous – and it is at the heart of why many in the caravans, foreign governments, and American media misunderstand what is happening at the US-Mexican border.  The US does NOT admit anyone who wishes to come in from a distraught, poor or violent country – but Mexico and the Central American countries do.

The solution is therefore clear:  Make this point with unflinching clarity to any and all, encourage the caravan members to use that broader definition to justify claims of refugee status or asylum in Mexico, and other Latin American countries – since they abide the broader definition.

But understand that US law does NOT allow anyone entry who comes from a beleaguered country; if we did, the US would simply import the world.  The caravans should begin seeking refugee status in Mexico – and where the Cartagena Declaration holds – not in the US.

Finally, an obvious but painful truth:  It would be wiser, more sustainable, and less painful for all if countries currently exporting people to US, instead resolved to import US liberties, constitutional values and protections, rule of law and foreign investment that follows rule of law.  That is the hard, long road – but unlike the road these caravans are on, it leads somewhere.

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Richard Mascari
4 years ago

Why don’t Congressional people, Senators, government agents and employees simply live by the supreme Law of the Land, We the Peoples AD 1787 Constitution for the United States of America? Most do not understand that there are two (2) forms of government in the United States of America. The is the Constitutional Republican form and the democratic (demonocratic) form. The Constitutional Republic protects the People and the democratic protects themselves and others like them. The United States government is mandated in Article I Section 8 paragraph 17: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) … . That means the Congress (the House of Representatives) and the Senate have exclusive authority over the District of Columbia (D.C.) and other federal enclaves. not over the United States of America.

4 years ago

Brian- I agree wholeheartedly with you. The Libtards need to undergo a crainial-rectal buttectomy to see the truth. But they are as blind to the truth as Helen Keller was.

Steve Miller
4 years ago

Had a discussion with a man that said his wife was in the medical field at a local school. before school season starts students have to have proof that they have their proper shots before thy can be admitted in school. Schools are allowing these illegal immigrants in the schools without proper emulations. Even to say principals at the schools know it and they are allowing this happen. The Doctor is right we have know idea what their bringing over the border. reoccurring of Polio, whooping cough, it can get worse. Trump is right on, he’s dragging the swamp that doesn’t want to protect are legal citizens. I don’t know how he can take all the harassment from the liberals and even from his own party? he really needs our prays every day. Steve Miller

Steven King
4 years ago

The people who want to allow these people into the United States need to take on the responsibility. If you want them here, then drive to the border. When you get there, pick however many of them you can afford. You will need to sign the paperwork to take them in to your custody. You will drive them to your home. You will keep track of them. You will provide them shelter. You will feed them. You will clothe them. You will make sure that their time is occupied in a useful manner. You will provide them with money, your money. You will make sure that they learn to speak English. If they break the law, you will go to jail with them.
I don’t want or need them here. I am sure that where they are from that they don’t know how to shovel snow. I can mow my own yard.
I only see these people taking the benefits of those who have earned them. I only see these people causing the taxes of those of us on fixed incomes to rise.

Primus Pilum
4 years ago

Research and report contrast: Dems welcome caravan, but Dems rejected Viets and Cubans fleeing Communist persecution. Flee Communism, Dems will make you rot in Refugee Camps in Third World, or send you back to Communists (e.g. Elian Gonzales). No Sponsor, No Screening, No entry.

Beth DeLaat
4 years ago

Thanks for the clear explanation. I do appreciate the information.

Sharon McNatt
4 years ago

I want to know why then did we accept so many muslim refugees when it was the Christians in these countries who were being systematically abused and murdered by muslims? Now they are shouting for sharia law and still mutilating their daughters. You told us how they get to come by asylum laws now how do we get rid of them?

this is
4 years ago

Then why didn’t the caravan funders/supporters know about this before they exploited those people to make a ” grand entrance” onto US soil???? They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for doing what they did, and now displacing thousands of illegals from their home countries. We are a nation of law and we have to abide by it and strictly enforce them 24/7, and Pres. Trump was right all along about not letting them in unless they are vetted for valid reason, and not just letting them in because they come from an impoverished country. We have our own people on American soil living in poverty and they deserve the help first and foremost, not the the foreigners. I thank god for a strong president who will stand up for what is right and not let the leftists get the better of him. It really does make a big difference when we have a very strong leader whose job it is to protect our country and borders first and our people, and those who are doing the work at the border in keeping those illegals out…not an easy job, and my hat is off to them! Support our President!!!!

4 years ago

DemocRAT politicians know their best chance for votes is to get as many people as they can on welfare and other “social” programs. Hence open border policies.

4 years ago

Thank you for that clarification of the situation !

Francis Reilly
4 years ago

It couldn’t have been put more succinctly,it spells it out that even a dumbocrat should be able to understand it,but that it not the problem,they just don’t care what is right they only want their way,which is hide their truths and ruin the USA.

4 years ago

When my parents came to the USA, they needed a sponsor. Our family successfully settled into this country without being a burden to either the sponsor or the taxpayer. (I am a veteran because I saw my service as a way to partially pay back to this, my country.)

A sponsor must be responsible for all of the expense and welfare required for the immigrant to settle into the USA. Such a solution is needed. Each and every individual who wishes to come here must have a sponsor to stand by them and absorb all of the costs; the taxpayer must not pay for a thing now or ever.

4 years ago

Great Article. In large numbers, the blacks are starting to vote for the Republican Party and in particular President Trump because they are realizing President Trump truly is working on their behalf in a positive way and the left doesn’t care about them. For years, the left has simply been pandering to blacks to get their votes. So…Because of that, the liberals need to go elsewhere to get votes. The illegals are the perfect group that can easily be manipulated by the left to vote for them. If votes are legal or illegal makes no difference to the left, they just want to get power and pad their pockets.

Harry Gillespie
4 years ago

Glad someone is edifying the folks.

Bob Juers
4 years ago

This is great article. Our border with Mexico needs to be secured but that issue needs to be pounded into the heads of the leftists. I fear that this whole issue will result in deaths before anything positive happens. Washington is broken, let’s face it; i don’t expect a solution to the border crisis until there is a catastrophe. God Forbid!

4 years ago

Am concerned about moving our military down to southern Mexican border to handle incoming refuges. We would be wise to let Mexico handle their own borders.
Perhaps we should be asking why people are trying to get out.
We have ask that, but , who stands for our own well-being?

Apryl Brand
4 years ago

Every member of Congress should be required to read this above article & get educated. Nancy P. says it is immoral to build a wall-she needs more workers to pick grapes for their winery! And Paul Ryan has turned a deaf ear to the people who want to deal with the invasion.

4 years ago

A very obvious painful truth….those in Congress, BOTH Parties, and the Left Socialist scum of the USA, are ALL for open borders, illegals. Why? The Cartel pays very well for them to look the other way and or support the steady stream of ants, I mean, illegals. The Cartels tentacles reach all the way to the top in 3rd world countries. Why would our politicians and Leftist scum, turn down blood money? It’s green. We know these Americans, have no soul, morals nor shame. Much less allegiance to our Republic, for which it stands, One Nation, under God.

4 years ago

Maybe we should worry about helping the Americans who have been displaced by wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. as well as the mentally ill and addicted in big cities like San Francisco, NYC etc. The Democrats need to import voters to replace the 60 million they have aborted since 1973 (Roe v Wade)

Mary h Ruiz
4 years ago

Thanks for clarifying refugee difference laws.

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