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Biden’s Immigration Policy – Dangerous Mess

BidenPresident Biden’s immigration policy is a mess. Go figure. His executive orders, draft legislation, operational changes, and public statements are contradictory, confusing to onlookers, and threaten America’s public’s health, safety, and security – however defined. Here is why.

In the biggest baffle of the moment, Biden has swiftly upended Trump policies protecting the Southwest border.  He halted border wall construction, reprogrammed security monies.  He revoked a third-party agreement with Mexico detaining refugees and asylum seekers claiming “persecution” by their country of origin, since they do not fear Mexico.

He reinstituted Obama’s “catch and release” program for illegal crossers, hoping they return for a hearing – which most do not.  He doubled down welcoming illegal “unaccompanied minors,” promising not to deport but find a home for them, detaining in the same facilities Trump used.

Biden nonsensically issued guidance making the term “illegal alien” by federal employees impermissible. He barred deportations for 100 days, an action reversed by a federal judge, but not settled.  His proposed legislation is worse, institutionalizing incentives for illegal entry, fast tracking illegals to citizenship, lifting limits and parameters in place for decades.

The result has been an unmitigated disaster – a mass surge of illegals, especially unaccompanied minors, no place to put them and no end in sight. See, e.g.,—-heres-what-you-need-to-know/ar-BB1e1hNe?ocid=uxbndlbing;

“So far this year, Border Patrol has apprehended more than 75,000 people crossing the border illegally” or “double one year ago” and “highest in the last 10 years.”  These are the caught. See,  Moreover, 13,000 unaccompanied minors are expected in May.  See, e.g.,

Stepping back, Biden is deprioritizing US citizen health and safety – for a narrow Democrat constituency. See,   All this is mid-COVID, as ICE concedes no border COVID tests – at a time of rampant reinfection, mutation, no masks or distancing by illegals.

Then, on February 24, Biden “lifted the freeze” on green cards – which President Trump had put in place to protect US citizens in our job market. He reversed visa restrictions aimed at protecting American workers during the COVID-19 economic downturn. See, e.g.,;

Let us get the facts right. Trump authorized visa limits during COVID to protect US job seekers. He did this by barring new foreign nationals from competing for US jobs.  Data is essential to understanding why Trump’s policy made good sense – and Biden’s makes absolutely no sense.

Pre-pandemic, the US economy was buzzing, US labor market tight, US unemployment at 3.5 percent, with 5.7 million Americans seeking jobs in February 2020. Today, daily COVID infections exceed third-quarter 2020 – and the crisis continues.  US unemployment is up to 6.3 percent, with 10 million Americans seeking jobs.

Why would any president increase foreign nationals competing in the US market? Answer is – no good reason, unless willing to disenfranchise US citizens to satisfy a narrow political constituency, widen potential illegal voting, or prioritize international approval over US citizen health, safety, and employment.;  Think:  Does it make sense to prioritize foreign interests in employment over unemployed Americans, particularly with half not unemployed by choice – but by government action?  No.

For the record, the US already makes available 50,000 visas to immigrants “underrepresented” in the US.  Looking ahead, listen for the “sound of silence” end of March.  Trump’s order restricting issuance of other visas, H1B, L1, J1, and H4, ends March 31. Biden shows no signs of extending it. You might say, “Katie bar the door.”

Added insight:  Biden’s damaging immigration policies are like what he did to the energy sector. Prioritizing international approval and a slice of his base over US jobs, Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline, effectively ended fracking, nobbled offshore drilling, raised oil and gas prices, and sacrificed US energy independence – for what he thinks is his party’s gain.

On energy, as on immigration, Biden is content to give away thousands of American jobs to foreigners.  He takes money from US citizen pockets and puts it in foreign pockets.  He is glibly ushering in high energy prices, foreign dependence, and inflation – which lowers the value of the dollar.  In energy, as in immigration, policy seems to be “Forget America First,” not surprisingly the exact message he delivered to a “Virtual G-7” meeting last month.

Messy and dangerous is getting bizarre.  Biden’s legislation would limit future presidents’ ability to regulate immigration. Unconstitutional, the idea is strangely akin to announced plans for restricting presidential authority over nuclear weapons.  On what basis?

Again, why? The answer seems to be preemption of future presidents’ ability to prioritize US citizens over foreign nationals.  The “why-within-the-why” is likely the same as above.  In Biden’s world, party politics and international approval are paramount.  American citizen interest in preserving citizenship, good jobs, low energy prices, health and safety, rank second.  Go figure.

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1 year ago

Joe Biden is not the president of the Unites States of America. He is a puppet that has ILLIGALLY been put in that place by powerful sources unknown to the American people. Those representatives and senators, attorney generals, mayors, etc that have helped perpetrate this fraud have been led to believe that they will be able to keep their powerful positions when the One World government takes control of this country, which, believe me is not that far off. Those leaders that try to “buck” the system will be replaced by those who Will take orders from the higher ups no matter what the orders may be. This is why, we as conservatives cannot fight this movement. We don’t have enough powerful leaders in high places. You saw what happened on January 6th, All of those people most of whom trying to be peaceful were charged with insurrection. Last summer when BLM and Antifa rioted, burned and killed, they were only “peaceful demonstrators”. This country will soon be under communist’s control and there don’t seem to be a whole hell of a lot we can do about it.

2 years ago

It shows that this President is not making Americans first in his administration. He is simply a puppet for the far left.

2 years ago

I do not see any mention of the influence that the WEI and UN have on Biden’s agenda. There is a much broader directive here than just appeasing a narrow radical sliver of his base.

Brian Eargle
2 years ago

You wrote, “Does it make sense to prioritize foreign interests in employment over unemployed Americans, particularly with half not unemployed by choice – but by government action? ”

Yes, certainly. But to “make sense” publicly and professionally, publishing political articles for pay, without openng your publisher to charges of libel, requires subtlety, a bit of finesse, and restraint not to say in so many words what is best left to be read between the lines.

Or one can consign one’s future to the torturers of the gulags and say aloud what others fear to think lest they talk in their sleep:

that the U. S. is finished as a self-governing state, the majority of her people having been hypnotized by evil and brainwashed by anti-American MSM propaganda;
having become a subject puppet state of:
a) the Eurocentric global government,
b) the Umma, the global nation of Is|am, which is financed by oil and demonically driven by Is|amic conquest, and
c) the CCCP and its proxy, N. Korea, its debtor puppets in sub-Saharan Africa and South America, and its remote operatives controlled by shared communist ideology, such as the Democratic Socialists and fellow travelers in the West.

H. R. 1 through H. R. 6 are nails in Liberty’s coffin, which means that America requires Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and the Life, to raise her from the dead. Regardless of America’s status, Christ the King is alive forever; He is risen indeed.

Last edited 2 years ago by Brian Eargle
Don Koza
2 years ago

President Trump did not stop all legal immigration. He did stop immigration from countries that could be sources of terrorists trying to enter the US to cause damage. He did try to stop illegal entry into the US by non-citizens by building the border barrier and he did eliminate catch & release. He did negotiate with our neighboring countries to retain those attempting to enter the US illegally while they apply for asylum status and are awaiting a decision. He did limit foreigners entering the US because of COVID, requiring negative testing in order to enter. These are all common sense measures that protect US citizens while allowing worthy immigration and screening out dangerous persons. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is doing the exact opposite of President Trump, undoing all of the good measures that were put in place. This is an insult to US citizens by Joe Biden and I am offended.

Victoria Johnson
2 years ago

Who is there to hold him accountable? The Dems are in COMPLETE CONTROL of all 3 branches of govt.. They certainly aren’t going to rein him in. They’re all on board and cheering him on.

2 years ago

“Again, why?”

It all makes sense if you look at it from the “One World” point of view, the idea that we are all going to “come together” as a one world people with a single government. Then you combine that with the philosophy of “do things as if your end goal already existed” to make it happen. The great obstacle to this “one world” ideal is the one exceptional form of government that exists in the USA; that has to go, can’t have any exceptions in a “One World” setting. The left knows their policies are bad, even fatal, for the USA. That’s the goal. That’s why explaining to leftists that their policies are bad doesn’t work; they already know that. Biden is just a figurehead. He didn’t review and approve all those executive orders that were stacked up on his desk on day one; they were prepared for him by one worlder’s (i.e. communists). He’s just doing it because that’s how he gets to be president, and the instant he steps out of line he gets replaced with Harris (a communist); an event that will occur eventually one way or the other.

The problem (obviously) with the “One World” ideal is of course it’s really just a way to get the capitalist countries to surrender to communism, and I don’t think many one worlder’s truely understand that. It’s just communism, who’s philosophy says it doesn’t really work until the whole world is communist, repackaged for a new and unsuspecting younger generation and some confused older generation people. This explains all of it; cancel culture, ANTIFA and BLM, the 1619 project, critical race theory and intersectional politics, climate change, defund the police, gay and transgender “rights”, reparations, tax (eat) the rich, white privilege, all of the insanity that has taken over our education system, etc., etc., etc., and yes, even the response to COVID. All of this is designed to destroy the American way of life, and remove the exceptional obstical (the USA) to a One World communist government.

The real question of “why” isn’t why all the bad policies; the question is how can so many otherwise intelligent and capable people abandon the proven success of the exceptional way and become useful idiots?

Never, EVER, vote for a Democrat. (And based on the recent election, it may be too late for that.)

P.S. I could get behind a “One World” idea if the idea were to make the rest of the world more like America.

2 years ago

There is a legal avenue for entering OUR country along with a program to become a citizen, legally. It is very disappointing that our president endorses and encourages people to illegally enter OUR country. That is lawlessness to the highest degree from the highest and respected elected official in Our United States of America. Unfortunately, Joseph R Biden does not understand that countries have borders for a reason and it is OUR southern border that has been compromised with illegal activity. President Joseph R Biden should embrace the laws of OUR land and provide leadership that we deserve.

2 years ago
Reply to  MSM

That man is not our President, He is an OLD PUPPET. He has no idea where he is. He only says and does what he is told to do then returns into hiding. OUR COUNTRY is now in the hands of THE COMMUNIST PUPPET MASTERS.

2 years ago

What doesn’t this moron who pretends to be the president understand? ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT wanted or needed in this country, nor those who are already here deserve to be here! They bring absolutely NOTHING to improve or contribute to our society. God only knows what diseases these people bring with them to infect the rest of us, or what violent gang or drug members become intermingled in our society, or what foreign enemies (from North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, Venezuela) are capable of doing once they ILLEGALLY enter OUR country, determined to destroy the United States! The mental midget socialists in D.C. can illegally build a 13-mile fence around the Capital building to “protect” themselves from us, their citizens of this country, but WILL NOT build a wall and enforce the prevention of ILLEGAL ALIENS from entering the United States and protect US? The time has come that this falsely elected president and his perverted cronies are arrested and charge with violating their oats of office to protect and defend the United States and its LEGAL citizens from this INVASION! How much longer are we going to tolerate this stupidity? If something isn’t done soon to remove these idiots from office, this country as a free nation will no longer exist four years from now!

2 years ago

Contact your Senators about rejecting HR1 which the socialist, criminal Nancy pelosi pushed through the house of Representatives.
This proves that the anti American corrupt democrats cheated in last election,which makes basement biden and communist harris illegitimate.
This garbage is trying to assure they can “cheat legally” by changing the Constitution and election laws 100% in their favor.
Stand up America, the democrats intent is to take away Our Freedom and Country!
Shameful, un-American but this slime thinks We the People are ignorant and weak.

1 year ago
Reply to  Garye

Doesn’t changes to the Constitution have to be ratified by the states?

2 years ago

Biden is the word police president. Can’t use the word China virus and now the phrase illegal alien.

How about being concerned with the election you stole from the American people instead of these Communist word rules.

John A. Fallon
2 years ago

We need to correct the voting count and TAKE BACK all the votes STOLEN in this last election and put in office the people who ACTUALLY WON, house and senate seats as well as the WHITEHOUSE, and any and all state and local seats as well, conservatives should have an overwhelming majority in both houses, we need to recall the RINOS and replace them with REAL CONSERVATIVES, “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE THE GOVERNMENT NOT THE CIVIL SERVANTS, emphasis on the word SERVANT!!!!

Glenn from Springfield, MO
2 years ago

Anyone who doesn’t see through the Democrat agenda needs to be reprogrammed. All their lies are blatantly obvious to anybody who uses their brain.

Also, why do Left Wingers get away without punishment for their crimes.

The Republicans need to grow a pair and take the offensive.

Gary Simmons
2 years ago

I don’t know about you but I would never trust anyone with eyes that close together. He needs to be impeached, the sooner the better for the country.

2 years ago

Isn’t it interesting that democrat/socialists will tell you that we must have compassion on those less fortunate and bring them in, but could care less about our own citizens that are being butchered in their mothers wombs. Hypocrites! They only use the compassion card to help destroy this country.

Gloria P. Sterling
2 years ago

Well, the Israeli people wanted a king and they got Saul, who messed up. We have gotten two “Sauls”, b.o. and j.b. It took a “David” to get them right again. I surely hope and pray we have a “David” whom God will raise up to get us right again.

2 years ago

Articles like this will not reach the majority of Americans because democrats dominate the media. Until Republicans do something big like buy out CBS, opposition views will be suppressed. Until something big happens, Republicans will find winning national elections harder and harder to do.

Sue Sokoloski
2 years ago

Simply put, Biden and his cronies hate Americans. Everything he does screams hatred of Americans and America. Wear a mask while we accommodate thousands of threats to our health and economy. It’s sick and a power grab.

2 years ago

It only took a few days to create this mess. Joe Biden i an incompetent A/H!!

Jeannie Huppert
2 years ago

Biden is not “running things”. He’s a puppet: someoneS elseS are manipulating his strings. Pray as Jesus Christ Commanded us to: “pray for our enemies”: 1. they get saved “FOR REAL”; their “FOR REAL” repentance so they not suffer God’s Judgments; their health.

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