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Biden’s Coming Bizzaro-World State of the Union

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris


Biden’s State of the Union Address next week will be perhaps the most pivotal moment of his presidency thus far – and likely the most detached from reality. Here’s what you can expect from the Tuesday night speech and what to keep your eye on as Biden takes the stage.

Biden’s “Bipartisan Pivot”

During Biden’s State of the Union, viewers can expect the president to make plenty of vague overtures to “working across the aisle” and “finding common ground.” Biden will claim that he “stands ready to work with Speaker McCarthy,” and will almost certainly mention his old Senate colleague Mitch McConnell.

However, Republicans should not fall for the charade. As AMAC Newsline has previously reported, following Republicans’ victory in U.S. House elections last November, the Biden team has been laying the groundwork for an attempted “bipartisan pivot”—in name only. The first signs of this political strategy emerged with Biden’s sudden rhetorical about-face on the border earlier this year, with the president issuing a rare public address from the White House stressing the importance of border security – even as his administration aggressively implemented policies that will make the border crisis even worse.

While the rhetoric of Biden’s State of the Union will be a complete 180 from Biden’s promise in 2020 that he will be the “most progressive” president in history, the policy substance of the next two years of the Biden presidency will likely remain the same.

Americans, as well as elected Republicans, should also remember that, no matter how much Biden talks about “unity,” this is the same president who slandered Trump voters as “semi-fascists,” used the FBI to target upset parents with “domestic terrorist threat tags,” and threatened to withhold funding for school lunch programs in order to force districts to adopt left-wing transgender bathroom policies, among a litany of other divisive acts.

Beware the Media Spin

Biden’s biggest ally in rebranding himself as a great bipartisan president will be the mainstream media. When it comes to the policy proposals in Biden’s speech, the media narrative will be that Biden extended the hand of bipartisanship, and that Republicans are guilty of “obstructionism” if they do not embrace the entire Democrat agenda.

For instance, on the border, Biden will likely continue to call for “comprehensive immigration reform” – which is Democrat code for mass amnesty and a host of other left-wing immigration policies. In other words, Biden will insist that he’s willing to take minimal steps to secure some parts of the border, just so long as Republicans vote in favor of giving mass amnesty to the tens of millions of people already in the country illegally, thus further encouraging more illegal immigration.

When Republicans rightly refuse, the media will assert that it is Republicans who are being “unreasonable.”

More Blame Game for Shameful Record of Failure

One truly has to pity Biden’s speechwriters when it comes to finding new excuses for the ever-increasing number of disasters under Biden’s watch.

In some cases, Biden will likely pretend that problems simply don’t exist – his only way to talk around how bad some things have gotten is to weave a false reality. When it comes to the economy, the speech will likely focus on the few metrics that are promising, like strong jobs numbers (largely thanks to the foundation laid by the Trump administration) while ignoring or minimizing the sagging stock market, persistently high inflation, and broad pessimism among the American people about the country’s financial outlook.

In other instances, where denying that a crisis exists is no longer an option, Biden will blame everyone but himself. Even though he explicitly promised an open border during his 2020 campaign, Biden will continue to blame “partisan gridlock” for the catastrophe, falsely claiming that he is trying to secure the border and being blocked by Republicans. He may also accuse Republicans of being responsible for things like “gun violence,” even though it is soft-on-crime Democrat policies and prosecutors, as well as the left’s war on police, that have directly led to a surge in violent crime.

Biden may even try to spin some of his failures as successes, much as he attempted to do with the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. For instance, Biden will likely claim that the war in Ukraine has been a rousing success, while in reality the Biden administration knew for months prior to the invasion that the Russians were mobilizing, still failed to effectively deter the attack, and has continually escalated the conflict without leveling with the American public about the true risks of his actions.

Hints for 2024

In addition to providing a glimpse at what to expect when it comes to policy, Biden’s address will likely be a key indicator of his plans for 2024. While the president has dropped a number of hints that he plans on making another bid for the White House, he has not officially announced. If he does want to run again, his State of the Union will be the perfect opportunity to convey why the country – and the Democratic Party – needs him in particular for another four years.

The reaction of the media and other Democrats to Biden’s speech will also provide a great deal of insight into how the liberal establishment views a potential Biden 2024 run. While they will undoubtedly laud the substance of Biden’s speech, what remains to be seen is whether or not they will use the speech to make the explicit case that Biden can and should run again.

If the media and other elected Democrats remain focused only on the substance of the speech, rather than looking ahead to 2024, it could be an early sign that some within the party are hesitant about fully embracing another Biden run. Any mention of words like “tired,” “old,” and “frail” would be even more explicit indicators that the Democrat establishment is ready to push Biden out.

Americans likely will not be able to take much of Biden’s State of the Union at face value. But there nonetheless will be much they can glean from the speech about both the direction of the country and what important political developments may be just around the corner.

Shane Harris is a writer and political consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_.

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Marie Langley
3 months ago

I will not watch the lie speech tonight. I cannot even stand to watch him speak one sentence when he manages to get one out. His dark beady eyes give me the chills. He is UNGODLY and evil.

Marie Langley
3 months ago

Everything that will come out of Biden’s mouth tonight will be a lie. Hopefully the American people are smarter than that and will see right through the propaganda.

Myrna Wade
3 months ago

Biden’s speechwriters are quite imaginative. What can they say to save their own jobs.

zoe frost
3 months ago

Another lie-fest coming, where the unindicted felon, corrupt fraud puppet will gaslight the moron indoctrinated, propagandized base of useful idiots too stupid to understand what’s been going on, and worse, what’s coming.

3rd term Commie Traitor Obamie’s fundamental transformation amped up to the warp speed Great Reset destruction of our Republic is on track. Can’t watch for fear my TV would be destroyed, will have to wait for non-traitor media to say whether the traitor slips up and tells us the truth…that the destruction of food production is real, economic woes will get worse, and that he and comrades are culling population in addition to destroying the country.

3 months ago

You know, Joe, you can talk all you want about border security but until you actually act on that, well, there’s nothing to talk about; you are still allowing millions of illegals to cross the border and simply come on in!!! You made Kamala your border Czar and she has done nothing!!

The statement from you, Joe, that you are willing to reach across the aisle doesn’t mean that you are going to do or allow anything meaningful to happen!! And will you ever get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome and get on with the much needed business of our country??

I hate the word ‘comprehensive’ when it comes to legislation because that usually means that some people who don’t talk to each other put together a humongous bill of several thousand pages that none of the politicians will read but they will vote along party lines concerning the bill!!! No one has wanted to take on any really important bills, like immigration, to better our country and keep us safe!! On the other hand, I don’t trust Democrats to even be concerned about safety!!

Ralph S
3 months ago

Any words from POTUS Brandon would probably deserve a rotten egg thrown in his face… BUT who could afford the cost of the egg with his economy?

3 months ago


James Popielarz
3 months ago

I cannot stomach watching this idiot in two-minute sound bites. He is Joke on our nation.

Marc Ziegler
3 months ago

Caution, Viewer Warning: Listening to a Biden incoherent speech, at any time, you have the extreme possibility of losing your intelligence! Be careful, IQ scores have been known to drop after lessoning to a, less than intelligent, Biden speech, or as I call them, a rambling senile blooper special. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this loss of memory, so viewer beware!!!! Also, it has been noted that most of the Democratic Party, who have listened to Biden too much, have suffered from this memory loss as can be seen in their never-ending insane policies. Now, the rest of us, have to remember this hazard when we vote for the sane policies and candidates in 2024; and then we can start making America SMARTER again.

Martin Plecki
3 months ago

These articles are thoughtful, well written and state things about half of the citizens already know. So, beyond knowing about all the terrible policies and decisions being forced on us, who is doing something about it? Like accusing, prosecuting, finding guilty and putting in jail the perpetrators. If no one is held accountable, why would the Democrats / Leftists / Socailists stop. And, as a consequence, how are we ever going to win against this stacked deck.

3 months ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

We aren’t. All of Washington is bought and paid for. The entire executive branch has grown to the point that it has its own agenda, and the means to do whatever it wants. It no longer needs Congress. Congress of course likes it this way because they can collect money for essentailly no show jobs. Their real job is done at the executive dining room far from cameras etc, and involves making deals for family etc as “payment for votes on legislation they’ve no interest in reading. How else can a 170K make you a millionaire in less a year?

We they people can have what is left when all the elite fly out on their airplanes to their little bolt holes when the whole thing comes unraveled, once and for all.

Until politicians are hanging from bridge overpasses for their numerous violations of the Constitution and law. Nothing will change.

They don’t fear for their lives so they can and do whatever they want. They law is for YOU not THEM.

Since none of the above will ever happen, because who wants to live in a country like that,

We are done.

As for the state of the union. I’ve no plans to watch, long ago it just became a laundry list of things they want to spend money on, and the “spectacle, pomp and show” was repulsive to me. As is the entire their team, out team B.S.

I’d rather have root canal.

regardless of party, or person.

3 months ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

Seems like the obvious question. Wonder why the RINOpublicans aren’t doing just that.

3 months ago

There will be no greater waste of time than sitting in front of the boob tube watching this geriatric jelly brain for an hour or more.

Cheryl Granda
3 months ago
Reply to  Richard

I could not have said it better!

3 months ago
Reply to  Richard

I plan to watch it as a situation comedy!

Title…”It’s All about Me, Except the Bad Stuff”

3 months ago

I’m not even going to watch the State of the Union. I know it will only be a litany of self-bloating, self-aggrandizing lies from the filthy mouth of the most ungodly president in U.S. history.

3 months ago
Reply to  Amacer

Obummer may have been more ungodly.

3 months ago

We’ll hear lots about unity, fairness, the bottom-up economy, the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years (totally ignoring the low labor force participation rate), clean air, dirty Republicans…and, guaranteed, he’ll bash President Trump more than once for leaving this country in really bad shape at the time he (biden) was inaugurated.

Those many millions of new jobs he’ll take credit for aren’t actually new; they’re like Obama-jobs, “created or saved” after a difficult time (iow, after the same number had lost them in the recession or during Covid). “My stimulus programs didn’t cause inflation–Trump and the Republicans did”!

“Top of mind” will be the Beijing Balloon. He’ll milk that one for all it’s (not) worth. It’ll be a really sad day for biden if he alludes to an airborne Rudolph, the CCP-Nosed Reindeer, and how the U.S. tracked its progress all the way across the country…before “I. Brought. It. Down.”

By the way, the author said the speech will be given “next week”; just to be clear, it’s tomorrow night, Feb. 7. Should be fun.

Cheryl Granda
3 months ago
Reply to  Kim

I honestly cannot sit through the lies, deceit and baffoonery. I’ll catch the highlights on NewsMax.

3 months ago

NEVER, EVER TRUST A liberal OR A chimp

3 months ago
Reply to  jocko

True – and the brain dead circus monkey, don’t trust him either.

Smili'in Jack
3 months ago

Can’t remember when the last time I watched a Democrat lie his way through a “State of the Union” farce. Why waste my time when I can watch reruns of Gunsmoke…

Sarah S.
3 months ago
Reply to  Smili'in Jack

Or Murder She Wrote.

Diana Collins
3 months ago

X Vice President Biden
The truth is not in Biden.or.his regime. God is out and the Devil is in. The PROOF is in the Pudding(outcomes). He that have ears, let them.hear and those.who have eyes, let them see. The only things that have NOT changed are God’s truths in the Bible. I will not worship any idols like the government, only God.

anna hubert
3 months ago

I do nor know what is more humiliating His drivel or that we are expected to listen to it

3 months ago

I for one will not be watching the lying POS now occupying the white house! The last two years says everything about Biden and his handlers, and what they have planned for the next two years!

Enuf Said
3 months ago

If you want to be lied to and enjoy it- get about 20 $5 bills and go to a strip joint.

3 months ago

It doesn’t matter what he says, only what he does. A quote from Carl Jung: “You are what you do, not what you say you will do.”
Fancy words cover up true meaning.

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