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Better For America: Resurgence of Patriotism with Lt. Colonel Allen West

Rebecca had the pleasure to sit down with a man whose hand is on America’s pulse, Lt. Colonel Allen West. His knowledge, experience, and willingness to ask the questions others fear to say have given him a unique perspective into the issues that affect Americans most. Lt. Colonel West discusses the biggest threats to our nation today, and if you were guessing China, you were right! But he is equally concerned at the left’s desire to erode our freedoms and attack our constitution through education, weak borders, and government overreach. “So goes Texas, so goes America” Lt. Colonel West is running for governor of Texas, and if you listen to his plans to help Texans, it will give you insight on the issues that need to be addressed as a nation. Tune in to hear this patriot’s truth and how he holds firm when speaking up against the opposition.

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Nita Penz
1 year ago

I sincerely wish that Mr. West would run for President of the United States.
He could do it with his understanding of military strength, patriotism, integrity, Godliness, boarders, courage & individual liberty.

He could unite us again!
He could win.
“For such a time as this!”

Please send him my note & my email.
Nita Penz

1 year ago

We have already got a great governor here in Texas. I think honorable Colonel West could do this country more good replacing the likes of Rino Senator Cornyn, who has no idea how to fight!

1 year ago

Thank you Colonel West for your service to our country and taking and keeping your oath to protect us. I love to see true believers in God in positions of representation of the citizens, no matter where they represent, from school boards to president. Because I know that they look to the Almighty for guidance on every choice that they make and he will never steer you away from will.

1 year ago

West stole most of the republicans
Money from the republican club
And now refuses to hand over bank
Statements from while he was head of it
Bad hombre

Bev in TX
1 year ago

This article ignores the great work that Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has accomplished and continues to do.

Personally I don’t see how Allen West can do any better than what Governor Greg Abbott is already doing here in Texas. Governor Abbott has steadily taken tough stands for our rights against the leftists both at state and federal levels. He openly supported President Trump and fully supports Texas congressmen in Washington DC. He has continually worked to strengthen our borders, working against both Obama’s and Biden’s administrations efforts to weaken those, He has worked with the state legislature to keep our religious and other freedoms.

I think that Governor Abbott is fully aware of all of the problems facing Texas and I would not want anyone to replace him at this point in our battle for our freedoms. I’m sure that Allen West could serve our nation better in some other position. But please don’t denigrate our great Governor, in the midst of promoting Allen West.

Richard D Rosier
1 year ago

I have to say Allen West stands heads above all others running for governor. His knowledge of the bible his faith and wisdom about these kill shots. He knows what’s going on in this country. The question is do most Americans. Without bible knowledge people are blind. May I remind you what this country was founded on and why it was great. Judeo Christian principals. And we have murdered millions of innocent babies this is why corrupt politicians. News media and others have brought this country to it’s knees. Let us all read the constitution as it was written and why our for fathers established this nation. They hated tyranny. It sneaks upon us in deceptive ways. Hitler did it . Venezuela got taken over. We must fight vote for God’s truth and justice. My people that’s us . If we would confess our sins turn from our wicked ways(compliancy) God would heal our land. Big question will America stop listening to fake news and wake up. God bless America.

1 year ago

Having had the honor of meeting and hearing Lt. Col. West in person I have been strengthened in my support of him. Texans, myself included, need to follow the money and pay attention to past and current actions by Gov. Abbott. When it is time to vote Abbott sways in the wind like a sapling, signing executive orders (which are meaningless), taking decisive steps and being heard loud and clear. During the ensuing years he expanded green energy (which never pencils out, do the research),closed small businesses, churches and livelihoods. Personal freedom is a God given right, Mr. West understands this. Please, for the sake of Texas, research. Pay attention. As goes Texas, so will go the United States.

1 year ago

Col West is top drawer in the military, in his political career, and in his faith and family. Texas needs to consider that our governors may be the last defense against an invasive federal government or border breach.

Sharon Ormsby
1 year ago

I like him but I like Abbot for our Governor. I’d much rather have West as the President. He’d be quite effective there.

1 year ago

I like Allen West, always have. But I do think Abbot has been an effective governor. If I lived in Texas, I would have a hard time voting for one over the other.

R.J. from Arizona
1 year ago

Have listened to the man and I have liked what I heard, however with Looney tunes socialists and rinos, it will be hard road for him.

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