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Better For America: Humanitarian Crisis At The Border

Last week, Rebecca interviewed investigative reporter Sara Carter on the humanitarian crisis at the US Southern Border. Sara is currently in Texas, deep in the mud of the Rio Grande. Hear the raw truth and uncensored stories of migrants sacrificing their lives because of the false promises made by the United States. Sara explains why a secure border is so important to our nation and why Border Patrol says that this administration is “the last leg of the smuggling process”.

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1 year ago

I do believe the USA should allow some people to immigrate to this Nation, but not to the level and degree that was typical in several decades past. And for those who do immigrate there should be some standards applied to insure they can be: productive and not a leach on any level of goverment; not connected to any foreign government (spy, e.g.), will have the will to adjust to the American Democratic system and laws, will not require government charity to survive legally, and will not engage in any criminal activity at any level..

1 year ago

why are we not suing the Biden administration for at least criminal negligence at the southern boarder?
no vaccinations, allowing criminals in , not protecting U.S. citizens.

1 year ago

This is an American citizen crisis…not a Humanitarian crisis…they chose this by coming exposing their children to criminals…how selfish is that!!…I think it’s time for another perspective…

1 year ago

This is not a humanitarian crisis…I live in Texas… illegals are everywhere…I see them in the grocery store buying alcohol with the money that the governments dishing out…I assume their food is free also…I have seen them steal in front of my face with no repercussions…they drain Healthcare…Education…and cause higher taxes…
I have raised 2 children alone with no help from the government because I thought it was more important to protect my children…so I don’t want to hear any more about a Humanitarian crisis…

Jim Jolly
1 year ago
Reply to  Raesheila


Ron Howard
1 year ago

I’m sorry, Sara Carter, but this is less a Humanitarian Crisis than a Political War! This is an invasion of America by foreigners at the Southern Border caused by Democrats hoping to flood America with Illegal Aliens who will likely vote Democrat if given citizenship. Thousands of Illegal Aliens, untested for Covid-19, are being processed straight through, without even future court date requirements, by the Biden Administration at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, while refusing Congressional requests for the location of these transfers. And now even the Red Cross is aiding and abetting this invasion by providing pamphlets printed in Spanish showing maps of the best places to cross the border, and with instructions on where to get help, and how to deal with Border Patrol Agents. The Red Cross, and any organization providing assistance to this invasion in any way, must be boycotted! That includes free speech and product censors Big Tech and Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Coke, politicized sports, etc.!

Sheila Bailey
1 year ago

I am so frustrated…I live in Texas…who would sacrifice their child to criminals?… I feel Cubans and the Afghanistan people should be in the US…not the people that come in through the open border…these people are fleeing for a different reason…Our administration has sold their SOUL for voters…and the voters they are inviting in…just come here for all the freebies that the American people are struggling to pay for!… My point…I can’t and want… feel sorry for the adults that don’t put their children first.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Now add terrorists Taliban from Afganistan coming X border too

1 year ago

Biden is going to be known as the worst president that the U.S. has ever had. Giving the southern border the porosity that it has now to bring future “democrats” into this country is so trite and obvious. Crazy Joe is out to destroy the two party system and turn us into the Socialist United States of America.

Nowadays, people need to be thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to become citizens or we’ll get “Tony Montana” characters here. See the movie “Scarface” from 1983. Yeah that’s an extreme but we don’t need more low level criminals in the U.S. anyways.
If we let people in, they need to be folks who will be a benefit to the U.S. Work, have families and contribute to society.

Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  KurtS

Yes! Many immigrants to the USA, legal and illegal, express loyalty in voice and flag to their country of origin, while making disparaging comments about the country they chose to immigrate to. Those who fit that pattern are ungrateful and undeserving to be here.

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