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At Waterloo High School, Your Feelings Only Matter If You Are Transgender


Students at an Illinois high school that were uncomfortable with classmates of the opposite sex using the same bathroom as they were, were instructed to use a single-stall, unisex bathroom in the nurse’s office. This recommendation resulted in 150 students lining up outside the nurse’s office. As you can imagine, 150 students jockeying for one bathroom led to many students being late for class or missing it entirely. But despite instructions to do so, Superintendent Brian Charron informed the community that students who waited in the line were marked as tardy or absent and warned those who plan on continuing this practice that they will be further disciplined, according to the Daily Caller. 

The Daily Caller revealed the message Superintendent Charron shared with the community: 
“We want all parents and students to understand that we will not tolerate another significant disruption in school. Students who participated in this disruption today were marked tardy or absent from class.  We understand that a similar plan is in place for Monday. Students who attempt to repeat today’s actions will be disciplined for attempting to cause a disruption in school. To the extent we determine that the nurse’s office bathroom line was a form of harassment, students will be disciplined for their participation in the harassment.” 

They also spoke with Anna Demers, a Waterloo High School student who shared the following: 
We were told to use a single stall restroom in the nurse’s office if we were uncomfortable with persons of the opposite genitalia in our restrooms. We all stood in line, to use the restroom, and to make a statement. When we tried to stress our safety concerns prior to the events Friday, we were not acknowledged and heard.” 

This is the latest (but will be far from the last,) disappointing development in the world of gender confusion that is being promulgated by those with evil intentions. The hypocrisy of those promoting this type of environment while hiding behind “inclusivity” is easily uncovered.  

If this were about inclusion, wouldn’t the feelings of those students who are opposed to students using bathrooms that do not align with their biological sex be considered, especially since those who feel this way represent the vast majority? 

Demers noted that she and her fellow classmates were not “acknowledged or heard.” This is another layer of the bathroom usage issue that is not shocking to hear. Just weeks ago, an Assistant Superintendent for East Meadow School District from Long Island, New York, was exposed by Project Veritas when he was caught stating:  

Politics is basically my job now. I am political in every conversation I have. Here’s the thing with DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] work — if you push too hard doing the work and you get this pushback, it will be decades before you can do the work again. So, it needs to be incremental. Every district [in Nassau County] is doing it [DEI] covertly. Except for the black population.”  

This statement, particularly where it references “every district” being involved for the most part, underscores a massive operation that starts at the local level to cram this radical agenda into school curriculum to influence children at a very young age.  

If the school truly wanted to come up with a solution that worked best for everybody, it would make the most sense to instruct transgender students to use the single-stall nurse’s office bathroom since they make up a significantly smaller number of students. This would easily prevent 150 students from being targeted and threatened for using common sense while exercising their first amendment right to peacefully assemble. Why would a school be so concerned with pandering to one percent of their student body if it meant making the other 99 percent uncomfortable? 

The solution is so obvious that the school not deploying it reveals their agenda does not involve common sense and efficiency but rather orchestrating more chaos, confusion, and division. Sad times for America.  

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Den F
2 months ago

Vote out what used to be Democratics what are now communist.

2 months ago

Transgenders should use the bathroom in the psychiatrists office when they’re in there for their session. They have a mental problem.

Calvin Johnston
2 months ago

Susan, in her comment below, has a great idea:
These 150 students should call the Child Abuse Hotline and turn in the superintendent.

Calvin Johnston
2 months ago

I’d like to suggest using Superintendent Charron’s desk or office as a toilet if he persists in this sort of perversion.

2 months ago

It doesn’t stop there. The LEFTIES won’t be happy until ‘Lester the Molester’ is in every female restroom in the nation.

Pat R
2 months ago

That’s exactly what communism does – promote the minority and vilify the majority, pitting one group against the other. Division among the people is only one of their aims to take their attention away from deeper moves to take away their freedoms.

Robert Zuccaro
2 months ago

I put a hood scoop and painted racing stripes on the hood of my 2.3L Ford Ranger but that doesn’t make it NASCAR. If you are one thing but think you are another there is something mentally wrong with you and you need treatment not a bathroom.

2 months ago

This is not only risky physically, but mentally/emotionally to any of those students who might have been sexually abused in the past. Recovering from molestation can take years, and cause symptoms such as flashbacks and post traumatic stress disorder. (I used to be a foster parent for years.) Wonder how the superintendent and principal would react if these 150 students called the Child Abuse Hotline and turned them into CPS for “emotional abuse.”

2 months ago

For decades educational administrators have been trained to design a “box” to force people to do as they desire, any given circumstance. They apply the same thinking no matter what problem they want resolved. The problem is that they largely, as a group, have abandoned moral and ethical norms of the majority of people they serve. This “box” should be viewed as a legal box and a good lawyer will use that to show individual rights are being decimated. Fight on folks!

2 months ago

This crap only gets traction because you play along. There are only two genders male and female. If you are a man and think your a female that’s on you expecting me to play along is not going to happen. During COVID I was told to follow their FAKE science and I didn’t and I will not follow it on this or any other DEMOCRAT Propaganda! Transgenderism is a mental disorder and needs to be treated as such. The GROOMING of our children in schools needs to be STOPPED!
My son is HOME SCHOOLING my five Grandchildren, get your children out of the Brain washing, Grooming Public Schools.

2 months ago

I so agree with you and my two granddaughters are both homeschooling their kids.

2 months ago

In some of Europe, they have unisex bathrooms. But there are no cracks in the doors, no hole at the bottom of the door, There is no way to see in. Just make a bunch of single, separate toilets, properly sealed with doors closed, opening in, in a hallway. Then have sinks for everyone to wash up. It would cost a little more, but probably not as much as new separate bathrooms for different groups. There would be no reason to have urinals in that case.

Robert Wippermann
2 months ago
Reply to  PIDL

Guys miss the toilet, it’s unavoidable due to our plumbing, and I’m not sitting to pee.

2 months ago

Have the teachers use the co-ed restrooms and let the students use the teacher restrooms.

2 months ago
Reply to  Byard

Better yet, remove your children from the Waterloo cesspool!

Frank Cowles
2 months ago

Start sh*tting on the floor or where ever , like LA . Don’t comply with this corrupt bulls**t

Maggie nh
2 months ago

Common sense dictates that the fewer students should use the single stall bathroom and the majority of students should use the bathrooms with many stalls. There lies the problem, the liberal bullies running this school have no common sense and should be fired.

Sean Rickman
2 months ago
Reply to  Maggie nh

They won’t be fired because they are teflon coated liberal democRATS like the entities that are ruining AMERICA.The liberals are a very disturbed,intolerant cult of ANTI AMERICANS.

2 months ago

Why don’t they just put a port-potty for the teachers and let the LGBQ use the teachers bathrooms. See how teachers and admin like that. Or they could designate one of the bathrooms as LGBQ only and all the others as straight Ladies only and straight Gentleman only! Because they feel entitled and special, they should be happy that they have their very own designated bathroom!

Was the student body and/or teachers asked for their suggestions? This might have avoided a “potty strike”! And surprised the totalitarian decision made by the superintendent!!!

Why is it necessary to cram sh!t down our throats? It only causes more bigotry and division! There will always be the far left and far right that doesn’t understand cooperation but given an opportunity to work together to solve a problem or be preached by totalitarian government!

Why can’t our complaints be heard!!! I’m so sick of our history, traditions and rights being trampled on and by the “just me” minority screwing up our lives!

David Block
2 months ago

Those kids were great. Free speech to divert stupidity.

2 months ago

Trans should use nurses bathroom. Problem solved!You should NOT be pushing the rights of 1% over the vast majority!! Wake up world!!!

Robert Wippermann
2 months ago
Reply to  Cindy

Libs are constantly reminding us, incorrectly, that we are a democracy. We’ll except with trans.

2 months ago

Ridiculous decision on the part of superintendent

Terry Maznio
2 months ago

My pastor is so right when he states in view of this sick social change that we are now entering a phase called a Fallen World; it is a perverse and sick ungodly time, a dangerous time spirituality speaking where pure evil is seeping out of men’s hearts and spilling over onto all of society Esther young and innocent who can’t fight back; l also blame those parents who also stay silent and allow there most innocent to be victimized without fighting back, a fallen sick world

Janette B
2 months ago

Common-sense left the minds of our elected leaders years ago. It has just become more brash in letting others see and know. President Trump said it best during and throughout his term that the media and especially social media are liars and they dam our First Amendment right. Why should God bless our country? When this country has turned its back on him? They have Shamed him or are ashamed to let other countries know we need and want him. They seem to think they know best and know a better way to handle things. Teenage years are sensitive years and life forming years. Maybe 2% of teenagers know their sexual preferences and the way they will be the rest of their lives. It’s just another way the Government is trying and so far succeeding in taking away the rights of the parents, to help guide their child to adulthood. I DO THANK GOD my child is grown and I did not have this problem in raising my son. It is boiling down to, you give birth and bring forth life, then you hand it over to the Government and let them decide and raise your child. Don’t know about you but this sounds and looks A LOT like CCP. Let’s hear it for the CCP … NOT!!!!

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