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AMAC Foundation Update – January 2023

AMAC Foundation

The AMAC Foundation is pleased to present our monthly update! Each month we want to provide you with some highlights, as well as upcoming events, so you never miss what is happening at the AMAC Foundation. From Social Security to Medicare—with a lot in between—our services assist seniors by providing help and guidance at a time when they need it most. If you would like to learn more about the AMAC Foundation and all we have to offer please call 888-750-2622 or email [email protected] We hope you enjoy reading these monthly updates and take comfort in knowing that the AMAC Foundation is working hard to deliver the services that are critical to many.

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2 months ago

I am glad to see there is still more to Amac than the dominance of politics I see on your site daily. I read this material and think this is good, this is what I’m paying for, this is what I want. But this is shadowed by the avalanche of caustic and argumentative political one-sided views on everything. I didn’t join Amac to be any part of a PAC or to support any candidate or political party. Democrats are not totally wrong on everything nor are Republican right on everything. Just report the facts, and don’t slant it and intrepid it for me. I’m entitled to my own opinion, that’s my right, I earned that right. Stay in your lane and give me your full attention, me, the old guy, the senior I’m your mission.

3 months ago

Where is the monthly update? No link to it.

3 months ago
Reply to  Binky

Mine downloaded automatically after I hit the view bar.

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